When you are looking to upgrade your property, there are many ways that you can do it without spending a great deal of money on extravagant extras. One of the best ways is to make sure that all of the dents and scratches in the big areas around the home are covered and repaired.

Here are just a few of the reasons that you should have your carpeting regularly cleaned by a professional company.

baby surprised by carpet cleaning

1. Cleanliness Equals Health

Having your carpet cleaned every so often ensures that your home is not infested with germs that will otherwise find their way into the crevices of your home. The carpet itself will quickly become a hub for germs if it is not cleaned. This is especially true around the edges and hidden corners behind and under the furniture.
Carpet cleaning is especially important during the change in seasons. Pollen and other allergens track their way inside on your shoes and pets. If all of that stays inside, you may catch yourself catching allergies that you would otherwise avoid!

2. Looking Clean Takes Maintenance

Your carpets and your home, in general, may be clean and still appear dirty. Over time, the natural wear and tear that occurs to all real estate will eat away at your carpet. Regular vacuuming will not get rid of deep and dirt that has been buried. Left to its own devices, your carpet will begin to look older. The look will take its toll on the whole room if you are not careful.

Professional carpet cleaning gets a bit deeper than regular vacuuming. You will be able to get all of those old stains out of your carpet only with deep, professional cleaning. The good news is that if you get it done on a consistent basis, you will not have to do it as often. You save money this way, and you extend the life of your carpet.

3. Giving Life to Your Carpet

Professional cleaning keeps you from having to invest in new carpet before you really need to. Your carpet should be one of the more durable aspects of your decor. This is true even of the high traffic areas.

A professional carpet cleaner keeps those old stains from becoming ingrained in your carpeting. The earlier you catch them, the easier they come up. You also keep the carpet from looking and feeling older than it is, which may force you to take other drastic action. Keep the carpet healthy with regular cleanings, and you will never have to worry about these kinds of problems.

Having a professional carpet cleaning done on a regular basis is a great way to ensure that your home is always looking its best. If your carpet is full of stains, discoloration, and mold, the rest of your home will have a tough time looking its best. After all, the carpet is one of the largest pieces of decor in any room that it populates. You must start here if you are looking to have a professional look.

After decades of depression, war, and dealing with limited materials, homeowners embraced the idea of cozy wall-to-wall carpeting following World War II. With advances in manufacturing and the introduction of new colors, floor-covering options were opened up, making American homes a large part of how people expressed themselves.

Since the 1950s, some styles of carpeting have come and gone, while others have withstood the test of time. At the present time, homeowners are once again taking advantage of new technology in carpet design and installation, leading to a host of trendy new styles.


family sitting on bold red carpet at christmas

1. Tantalizing Tiles

The newest trend in home carpeting is allowing families to create unique, one-of-a-kind, flooring designs not possible before the use of tiles. These DIY carpet tiles are easily changed if damaged or worn and result in less waste upon installation because one only needs to buy what they need.

The resilience of wool, polypropylene, and nylon have made them the most popular materials in the construction of the tiles.

2. Gratifying Graphics

Gone are the days of boring, monotone carpeting. These days, homeowners are decorating their floors with as much zeal as the rest of their homes. Many of today’s popular carpeting products resemble area rugs in design.

They can now be seen featuring an array of patterns including circles, hexagons, florals, trellises, leaves, small to medium-sized blocks and diamonds, herringbone and chevron.

3. Craveable Colors

Quite possibly the most difficult to manage when it comes to carpet cleaning, bold colors are all the rage in new home construction and remodels. Though sometimes mono-colored, most homes are boasting mixed colors across the floors of their rooms.

Some use subtle flecks to add interest to basic colors while others are bright and bold. They have proven themselves a great use of the above-mentioned carpet tiles and are easily matched to any room’s furnishings and decor.

4. Refreshingly Recycled

Home carpeting has gone green and this eco-friendly trend is expected to last. Most carpeting is already partially made from recycled materials, but some companies have recently made Polyethylene Terephthalate, or PET, the main component in their newest offerings.

PET is made from recycled soda and water bottles and this new trend is carpeting is keeping these land-destroying items out of landfills.

5. Toe-Pleasing Textures

It seems as though, for a time, durability and softness could not exist together in our homes. Luckily, this has also changed. Americans have once again begun opting for the softer-feeling carpets. These days, just about any carpet material can be made to look and feel softer than in days past.

Soft cut pile is being used to create modified shag carpeting by cutting through the loops to make the tufts stand upright. Some fibers are bulked up to feel thicker while others are made thinner so they feel softer

Shopping for carpet has gotten to be a fun affair and even its installation can be an activity enjoyed by the whole family. Large or small, families are taking advantage of the design opportunities made available to them by the newest trends in home carpeting.

So you went and procured yourself a really nice area rug. Maybe you did your research and bought the perfect rug for your home or perhaps it was a family heirloom passed down to you from a family member. It doesn’t really matter how or why you chose a particular rug. What will matter is how to get it cleaned and restored once your children, pets, and guests have tortured it with years of use. There are four things that not only affect the value of that area rug, but also in the way it should be cleaned.

baby boy helps with rug cleaning

1. Knot Density

Just as the number of pixels determines the quality of images, the number of knots in any given unit of a handmade rug’s area is directly proportionate to its quality. This is because hand-tying the knots is very labor-intensive. Skillful weavers can tie up to 12,000 knots per hour, while most will only average about 10,000 knots in a day.

The purchase price of a hand-knotted area rug depends largely on the production costs, so it makes sense that those with a higher knot density will cost more. Therefore, it is important to protect these expensive pieces with frequent cleaning. Experts agree that simple vacuuming usually suffices, but if yours becomes heavily soiled, you should have a reputable rug cleaning service perform the work in order to ensure it is protected from damage.

2. Numerous Colors

Area rugs that contain 15 or more naturally-dyed colors are more expensive than those with fewer, synthetic colors. Natural dyes will appear less intense, but require more labor and knowledge than those made with synthetic dyes. Vegetable dyes are more appealing to the eye, but they can be more prone to bleeding if not cleaned properly.

A skilled rug cleaning company will know how to reduce the possibility of these dyes fading or bleeding. Many will use a slightly acidic wash water in order to reinforce the bond between the dyes and the wool used to make the rug.

3. Craftsmanship

The method used to create your area rug is another price-determining factor. Machine-made rugs can be made quickly and therefore cost less. However, a hand-made flatweave, hooked, tufted, or woven rug takes much more expertise and time to be produced. Rugs created by hand are also more likely to last decades longer than their cheaper counterparts.

When it comes time to thoroughly clean one of these more expensive area rugs, there are several things that must be avoided in order to retain its original quality. For example, rugs made with high-quality craftsmanship should not be used in high traffic areas because removing stains can be troublesome and damaging. If your rug does become stained it will require professional cleaning so as to protect it from ill-used chemicals and tools.

4. Materials

Area rugs are made with a large variety of materials ranging from high-end silk and durable wool down to the more affordable synthetics. Handmade wool rugs are considered the gold standard because they are both soft and durable. Other materials, like natural fiber jutes and sisals are viewed as versatile and the strong fibers make them durable, but they are also easily stained.

How your rug is cleaned will depend largely on what materials were used in its construction. Some materials, including jutes and silks are easily damaged by moisture and can be more prone to allowing molds and mildews to grow. Others, like wool and synthetics, are more water-repellent and this makes their cleaning easier than others.

In conclusion, high-quality area rugs have the potential to last for decades, but they must be well-cared for in order for that to be true. Using the wrong cleaning solutions or tools on a rug will affect not only its value, but also its durability and overall look. If you’re not experienced, be sure to contact a professional about cleaning those high-price rugs so as to protect them and keep them in optimal condition for as long as possible.

Keeping a clean home shouldn’t be such a chore. People are busy and most families don’t have enough free time for heavy housecleaning. In these cases, the best thing you can do is attack your housekeeping in smaller doses. Prevention is key and the following tricks will help you keep up on those pesky-mess makers while saving you a ton of money, time, and energy.
mom hugs daughter on beach

1. Remove Footwear

As autumn wears on, the chances of finding yourself in damp shoes will only become more prevalent. Not only that, higher moisture will lead to wet sand that will become lodged in every nook and cranny of your favorite footwear.
Removing your shoes may be the best recommendation for keeping these wet messes out of your home. You will track less mud onto your carpets and the sand is less likely to build up in the hidden corners of your rooms. Though, you don’t need to ask guests to do this as just having your immediate family remove their shoes will reduce the amount of sand and mud that creeps into your house.

2. Use Your Mudroom

With good reason, many beach houses have mudrooms. With a mudroom, you can be sure that your family and pets are nice and tidy before you allow them to enter your home. Whether it be gritty sand or swampy mud, your home will stay much cleaner if you stop these dirty messes in their tracks before they can make it inside.
These handy little spaces often have enough space to store those shoes you’ve just taken off upon entering your home. Homeowners generally take advantage of the faucets and drains located in the tile-floored rooms. That way, shoes, and pets can be well-cleaned prior to entering the house.

3. Install an Outdoor Shower

Beachfront property can be beautiful and many can picture their dream houses sitting just seconds from the ocean. However, these peaceful abodes are not without their pitfalls. Yes, you and your family can enjoy some good surfing and swimming just outside your door, but all that sand and water can wreak havoc on the cleanliness of your home.
Installing an outdoor shower will save you precious time and energy on upholstery, carpet, tile, and grout cleaning throughout your home. Your whole family can surf and swim to their heart’s’ content without bringing that mess into your kitchen, living room, and bathrooms.

4. Prevent Stains

Sometimes, even the most watchful eye can miss something and the outdoor grime makes its way into your house. The next step is to prevent those outside pollutants from causing stains around your home. If you are diligent in your housekeeping, your home is sure to remain in tip-top condition for your family and guests.
The best recommendation for preventing tile and grout stains in your kitchen and bathroom is a simple solution. By keeping a spray bottle of pH neutral tile, grout, and stone cleaning solution on-hand, you can spray spills and wipe them away with a paper towel or damp sponge. Experts also recommend cleaning these materials at least once a week.

5. Protect Your Grout

Usually, the tile installed in your kitchen and bathroom can be easily damaged and, unfortunately, so can the grout that holds it all together. Damaged tile and grout are breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and biofilm that are dangerous to the health of your loved ones.
By thoroughly drying your tile after each use, you will prevent the premature crumbling of the grout. Also, be sure to avoid using anything acidic or abrasive for tile and grout cleaning as these substances will weaken the surfaces. It may even be necessary to reseal your grout or even replace your tile and grout completely if it becomes heavily damaged.

So the next time your children are running in from the beach, just stop them outside. It may even be a good idea to involve the whole family in adopting these simple tricks for keeping your house clean. It will be less of a headache for everyone. But, if you happen to find your home riddled with stained carpets, tile, or grout, just call your local cleaning company and they’ll get you back on the right track to keeping a clean and healthy environment for your family and guests.

boy with tablet after area rug cleaningHave you ever considered the benefits of obtaining regular area rug cleaning? While numerous carpet care companies provide valuable assistance to businesses and homeowners in helping maintain upholstery and lovely carpeting, many of these firms do not offer specialized services addressing rugs. Yet sanitizing this special category of floor covering remains exceedingly important. Just consider four of the benefits you’ll obtain by hiring a firm to remove dirt, sand, and other embedded debris from your treasured area rugs:

1. Enjoy a Stylish Décor

Today, area rugs add zest to trendy interior designs. By keeping floor coverings and tapestries in an immaculate condition, you’ll greatly expand your available décor options. Don’t sacrifice creating a modern, fashionable environment because you fear requesting cleaning services for your area rugs!

2. Eliminate Odors And Allergens

Unless you obtain regular skilled area rug cleaning, these floor coverings (just like carpeting) will become malodorous. Foot traffic always eventually results in the deposit of embedded grime inside woven carpeting and rugs. This material, which may include pollen and other plant debris, retains odors unless removed. It may even make sensitive individuals uncomfortable by contributing to allergies.

3. Celebrate their Beauty

Periodic skilled cleaning showcases the vibrant colors and fine craftsmanship are evident in lovely floor coverings. You’ll share the beauty of your area rugs more effectively by seeking this assistance on a regular basis. Some fine rug designers have created stunning works of art! These precious pieces will display the artisanship of their makers fully when you ensure dust and dirt cannot obscure their beauty.

4. Maintain Durability

By asking a skilled rug cleaner to remove grease and dirt from your rugs properly, you’ll help ensure these possessions endure in a usable condition for as long as possible. When dust, dander, and dirt accumulate over a sufficient period of time in a rug’s weave, greasy deposits can eventually damage the fibers. Fine threads may tangle and clump together. Regular sanitizing helps prevent these unwelcome changes from occurring. It enables people to continue enjoying lovely area rugs for as long as possible.

5. Invest Wisely

Taking the time to request professional, competent cleaning services for your area rugs represents a smart investment. You won’t hesitate to display these prized floor coverings to beautify your home when you can feel confident they pose a source of satisfaction and happiness for everyone. A sparkling clean area rug enables you to increase your decorating options without contributing unpleasant odors to the premises.

You’ll savor the charm of a desirable floor covering, and also increase the chances you’ll enjoy your rug for years into the future by scheduling regular sanitizing services. Periodic cleaning also helps prevent this type of asset from posing a problem for people who suffer from some pollen-related allergies. To fully enjoy your area rugs, resolve now to ensure a capable specialist cleans them on a recurring basis.

carpet cleaning after water damageIf a hurricane floods your home it is essential to have its carpets professionally cleaned as soon as possible. Additional reasons to have a home’s carpets shampooed include when a water pipe breaks or a sewer line overflows. The damage from dirty water can make a building’s carpets filthy, and the moisture tends to seep quickly to the lower layers of the fibers. Within a few hours, you will begin to notice a foul odor as the carpet’s fibers develop mold.

The Invading Water Contains Dangerous Pathogens

The water from a flooding incident tends to contain dangerous pathogens such as bacteria, parasites or viruses that can make you ill. Without efficient carpet cleaning, these pathogens will remain in the carpet’s fibers forever, and the pathogens will continue to multiply. The contaminants will also float in the air, and you will walk on the pathogens, carrying the bacteria and viruses to new locations. If you have children, then you won’t want them playing on a carpet that has contamination from raw sewage.

You Need Industrial-strength Equipment To Clean a Carpet

When a carpet is saturated with water, mold will begin to grow quickly, and it causes unpleasant symptoms such as sinus congestion and chronic coughing. You probably don’t have industrial-strength water extraction machines and shampooers, so removing the invading moisture and contamination is impossible on your own. However, you can call a local company that can arrange an emergency carpet cleaning process.

Make Sure That the Carpets Dry Quickly

The only way to eliminate the problems from water damage in carpets is the application of specialized cleansers that will remove the filthy debris from the deepest layers. In some cases, a technician must lift the soaked carpet to suction the moisture or debris from the carpet’s backing. In addition to shampooing the carpet thoroughly, it is essential to remove as much moisture from the fibers as possible. When the shampooed carpets dry quickly, you won’t need to cope with a foul mildew odor that can emanate from the fibers.

Have Water-soaked Carpets Steam Cleaned

Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to sanitize carpets that have water damage. The steaming equipment used by a professional technician will destroy the insects and pathogens, making a carpet’s fibers safer to walk on. By using the highest quality steam-cleaning equipment, the moisture that is currently inside the carpet’s fibers is heated and sanitized. At the same time, the steam-cleaning equipment will suction the moisture and debris from the carpets.

It Is Essential To Dry the Water-soaked Carpets Quickly

Hot temperatures along with a high humidity level make it is essential to reduce the humidity inside a flooded home. The technicians who sanitize dirty carpets can bring along dehumidification equipment and heavy-duty circulating fans that will help to dry the fibers of the carpets in only a few hours. By drying the carpets as fast as possible, you are able to return to a home in only a few hours.

girl playing with dog after carpet cleaningCarpets adorn your office or house, and they are among the priciest items you may acquire when furnishing your business or home. That said, you want your carpet to remain in tiptop condition as the replacement of carpets will cost you an arm and a leg. Professional carpet cleaning eliminates all the deep-seated dirt. Hiring professional carpet cleaning experts will yield these five benefits.

1. Cost Effectiveness

Business and homeowners who acquire personal equipment for carpet cleaning end up incurring unnecessary costs. You do not want to buy machinery and solvents that you will stack in your backyard. Hire a professional to save money and use the money in other endeavors. For businesses, procuring professional cleaning services cuts overhead expenditures. In return, the money you save can be conveyed to clienteles as coupons.

2. Top-notch Cleaning

Many organizations perform in-house carpet cleaning. The employees may lack the expert-level skills needed to clean the carpets. Carpets are delicate to handle at times. Different types of carpets need particular cleaning styles such as precise solvents and water temperature. Professional cleaners are aware of all carpet styles and their cleaning style. Not only will experts offer high-quality cleaning, but also leave your carpet in perfect condition.

3. Prolonging Carpet Life

Soiled carpets gather coarse and abrasive bits of dirt. The carpets gradually damage owing to tear and wear caused by this abrasion. Do you want your carpeting lasting much longer? If so, hire certified carpet cleaners to handle the job. Scouring your carpet clean ensures the carpet will look new and fresh. Marred carpets trap more dirt than unsoiled carpets; hence, making them harder to clean. Remember the cost of replacing a new carpet before skipping the cleaning routine.

4. Health Benefits

Health practitioners assert that dirt stuck in carpets can trigger illnesses. Toddlers collect trash and put stuff in their mouths when crawling on the carpet. If babies eat the dirt, they fall sick. A big deal of your money is wasted on doctor visits treating ailments that could be avoided through carpet cleaning.

Staff members and customers will find it hard to breathe well with the dirt concealed in carpets. Also, breathing in dirty air instigates lung complaints among the office occupants. Eliminate these problems at the workplace by hiring an expert commercial cleaner. Carpeting is the number one air filter.

5. Upholding Reputation

You want clients to flock into your premises around the clock. Smelly and dirty carpets chase away customers and destroy your public reputation. Word of mouth marketing is a common way of getting customers to learn about your establishment. So, constant cleanliness of the premises, as well as the carpets, denotes a business that offers high-quality services and safe products.

In summary, clean carpets are beneficial to business owners as well and home dwellers in a myriad of ways. Some of the ways include maintained health, saving money, and increased clientele base in establishments. Cleaning carpets ensure businesses remain successful and homes stay fresh. Seek professional cleaning services in and be sure to receive the value of your money.

young woman cleaning windowsMost of us love having a clean, organized house. Weekly maintenance keeps it looking clean and neat throughout the year, but every so often, it needs a more thorough cleaning. And that is often called spring cleaning. The term originated back in the days when houses were annually aired out and cleaned of all the soot and grime that had accumulated over a winter of fireplace or wood stove heating.

Because our lifestyles have changed, spring cleaning may not happen in the spring—and it may even be done in shifts throughout the year. Spring cleaning also provides an excellent opportunity to clear out clutter and unused items and host a garage sale. Here are some areas that need special attention during a deep cleaning.

Your Kitchen Cabinets

Grease, spills, and food crumbs can lodge on and in your kitchen cabinets. Your cabinets will need to be cleaned inside and out. Go through each cabinet or drawer, remove all the items in it, and then use a mild soap to wash it inside and out. Clear out any kitchenware that you no longer use. When you’re done washing all the cabinets, take a buffing cream over the exteriors to give your cabinets a like-new shine and and protect them from wear.

Your Windows

Clean, sparkling windows can make the rest of the house look 10 times cleaner. Windows should be cleaned more than once a year, but if they’re upstairs or in hard-to-access places in the house, they tend to not get done. Start cleaning your windows by removing all the screens. Gently wash the screens with a mild soap, then spray them off and prop them somewhere to dry. Then vacuum out the window sills and crevices of your windows and, finally, wash the windows, trims, and sills with a mild soap. If you have second-story windows, you might need to use a ladder or invest in a long-handled window cleaning tool to get the job done.

Your Walls & Doors

Dust, grease, hair spray, and even mold can accumulate on your walls and doors. Go over your walls and doors with warm water and mild soap to give them a fresh look. This may even be a good time to touch up some areas with fresh paint!

Your Curtains & Drapes

Curtains and drapes can collect dust and dirt. If your curtains are small enough to fit in your washer, you can go ahead and wash them in your washer. Just make sure you’re not overfilling your washer. You should take larger sets to a laundromat that has commercially-sized washers.

Some drapes are washable too. Check the manufacturer’s label on yours to see their cleaning instructions. If they’re labeled as “dry clean only”, you can vacuum them to remove the dust and spot-clean them to remove any visible spots or stains. If you want a more thorough cleaning, you can take them to the dry cleaners.

Your Carpets

It’s not enough to just vacuum your carpets and consider them clean. After a couple months, dirt starts to accumulate deep in the carpet, and if it’s not removed, it could permanently damage your carpet. Get a professional carpet cleaner to remove all that dirt at least once a year. If you have pets, you should consider getting the carpet cleaned every six months. According to the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, many carpet companies won’t honor carpet warranties for carpets that have not been professionally cleaned at least every 12 months.

These are just a few items in your home that require attention during a spring cleaning. If it’s too much for you to do it all at once, pace yourself by doing one room or area at a time. You can also enlist the help of your kids or a professional house cleaner to help you get it done. When it’s all done, you’ll have a sparkling home to enjoy!

Person cleaning floor in a homeFew of us get excited about the regular chore of cleaning. But at the same time, most of us are happy when it is done. If you are in need of some motivation to clean your house, consider these compelling reasons for keeping the dust bunnies, dirt, and clutter at bay.

A Healthier Environment

The EPA says that the air in your home can be five times more polluted than the air outside your home. The dust mites, pollen, pet dander, bug skeletons, bacteria, and mold in your home can create a toxic cocktail for your respiratory system and general well-being. The Center for Hygiene and Health in Home and Community in Boston found 20 percent more instances of staphylococcus bacteria in tubs than in garbage cans! It might be time to grab that bathroom scrub brush. Cleaning removes at least some of these health compromisers.

Additionally, pests, such as cockroaches and rodents, are attracted to dirty corners and food that’s been left out. Pests create extremely unsanitary conditions and carry pathogens that can affect the physical health of the people and pets in your home.

A Safer Environment

Not only is it healthier to not have pollen and bacteria floating around in your home, but it’s also safer to not have clutter. When toys or other objects are lying on the floor, particularly in walking paths, they can be safety hazards. One year, BBC reported that 6,000 people had gotten injured by tripping on their pants or by falling down the stairs while putting them on. So if you’d like to avoid a stubbed toe, a sprained ankle, or even worse, a broken leg, it might be a good idea to get the piles of dirty laundry and the loose objects out of your way.

Physical Exercise

Cleaning your house can boost your fitness routine. You can burn up to 300 calories per every hour of cleaning, with tasks like vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping burning an impressive amount of calories. And when you grab that brush and proceed to do a thorough tile and grout cleaning in your shower, you’re burning around 90 calories every 15 minutes! One research group did a study of almost 1,000 adults and found that those with the cleanest homes also tended to be the most active and the healthiest.

Increased Productivity

Studies have actually been done on the correlation between clean environments and productivity. When everything is in its place and there are no distractions to a person’s concentration, the amount of work produced is much higher.

Decreased Stress Levels

A dirty, cluttered house can affect your mental and emotional state, especially when you can’t find things you need or when you end up getting sick because of the polluted air in your home. Dirt and clutter can create stress, sometimes even subconsciously, because there are things that need attention or things that aren’t getting done. Cleaning up can help you achieve a better state of well-being. And with all the pressures and responsibilities demanding your time and attention, a clean home can also provide a calming environment where you can relax and get re-energized.

It turns out that the state of your home affects almost every area of your life! Just remember all the positive benefits of a clean home whenever you’re tempted to let the chores slide. A half hour here and an hour there can create an environment that you want to live in.

dirty dog tracks cause a need for carpet cleaningSimilar to the way a foyer is used in many suburban homes, mudrooms offer homeowners a space that will not only provide easy-entry, but will also reduce the amount of clutter that gathers near your front door and promote a clean environment for your family.

1. Dirty Dog?

Do your dogs enjoy the outdoors as much as you do? Sure, our pets are cute and fun and provide tons of emotional support to people of all ages. However, when you leave home, whether it’s for a couple hours or an entire work day, you will want to be sure that Fido has easy access to the yard without being stuck in the summer heat.

Luckily, with an exterior door and tile floors, a mudroom will give you peace of mind that your pup can get outside when needed while also having a cool place to rest his or her head. The simple installation of a dog-door will protect your home from your pets and your pets from the outside world.

2. Sandy Shoes?

Most coastal-town residents are aware of the hassles beach environments can bring into a home. If you don’t keep up on keeping the sand out, you may begin making jokes about it being a condiment. You will soon be eating, drinking, and sleeping with the gritty monster as its presence permeates your entire existence.

Mudrooms offer a place to remove and store all that sandy footwear and this will help tremendously with a reduction in the amount of sand that enters your home, and therefore, the amount of deep carpet cleaning you will have to undertake.

3. Swampy Gear?

For the landlubbers, sand may not be much of an issue, but nobody wants those inland swampy smells and moisture mucking up their home. A simple walk to the mailbox during the rainy season can soak your outerwear down to your underwear. Not to mention the high humidity that makes everything seem moist during the summer months.

The installation of tile floors in a mudroom offers children, parents, and visitors with an alternative to the traditional carpeted foyer that constantly needs vacuuming and steam-cleaning. All you need is a mop and bucket to remove the grunge and mud that can be tracked in from outside.

4. Stoked Surfers?

“Totally radical, dude! Those waves were off the chain!.” Many a beachfront parent has heard their children utter these words and quite a few have said it themselves. The difference is, adults soon become aware of the downfalls of having a beach right outside their door and start looking for ways to keep that salty water from entering their homes.

The perfect solution to hosting all these surf-junkies lies in the mudroom. These useful rooms invite your children to rinse off, which is good for both their hygiene and the cleanliness of your home. In addition, a tile floor, shower head, and floor drain make cleaning your mudroom a cinch.

So, if you’re tired of the sandy, muddy, and mucky carpet cleaning so highly-associated with coastal living, a new mudroom might be the right answer for your home.

Welcome to AC Carpet Cleaning in Jacksonville

A&C Carpet and Tile Cleaning is pleased to provide the residents and business owners of Jacksonville, FL and its surrounding areas with premier carpet cleaning services. Whether you require a routine deep cleaning, carpet repair, stain treatment, odor removal, water damage restoration or one of our many other services, you can leave the hard work up to us and trust that it will get done by knowledgeable and skilled technicians.

We service Jacksonville FL, Atlantic Beach FL, Jacksonville Beach FL, Neptune Beach FL, Orange Park FL, Fruit Cove FL, Nocatee FL, Ponte Vedra FL, St Johns FL and surrounding areas.

Complete customer satisfaction is our goal, and this is how we’ve achieved our excellent reputation over the years. It is our priority to ensure that after you’ve employed our team to work their magic on your carpets, upholstery or tile and grout that you are left with a healthier, happier environment.

Hopefully by now, you’ve heard of all the important reasons for maintaining your carpets and regularly scheduling professional carpet cleanings. Protecting your carpet investment, increasing its longevity, improving indoor air quality and simply adding to your home or business’s appeal are among the top benefits of clean carpets.

Carpet cleaning has a lot to do with appearance, but just as significant, is the fresh air it can restore to a room. We’re sure that our services will help you breathe easier and feel a sense of refreshment in hardly any time at all.

For high quality service that you can count on, A&C Carpet and Tile Cleaning is the solution to all your carpet cleaning, repair and restoration needs. Get your free estimate today.

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WOW! is all I can say. I had tile that had not been cleaned since the house was built. Plus the grout had never been sealed & it had been originally white. Eleven years, two kids, two dogs and a cat later I actually did not think it could be cleaned to the original color. All I can say is that I am amazed at the job that Jackie did. He got the tile looking like new!! Jackie was on time and gave me a price before he started cleaning. He didn't try to oversell stuff I did not need. His price was very reasonable for all the work that he did. He did a fantastic job of making my carpets look like new. He was professional and courteous. Just what you want when someone comes to your home but seldom ever get. I plan on having him back to do some additional work for me in the near future I also plan on giving his name and number to all my friends and co-workers. I just can't believe how great everything turned out. If you live in the Jacksonville area, do not hesitate to call Jackie. He is awesome!!! A&C Carpet Cleaning is the best carpet cleaners by far that I have ever had come to my home. They did the most amazing job getting my carpets and tile clean. They were professional and polite. They gave me an estimate that was very reasonable for the amount of work that they were doing. I couldn't be happier with the service that I received. -Carmen M. Jacksonville, FL

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