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Luxury floor tiles made from porcelain tiles and modern wall tiles Why You Should Choose a Tile Floor - As tile floors become more and more popular, homeowners everywhere are installing it in their new or newly renovated homes. If you’re looking at the overwhelming lineup of flooring choices, consider these reasons why tile might just be your best option yet. It’s Long-Lasting Ceramic and porcelain tile floors, when installed correctly, will last a […]
Cute Labrador dog on gray carpet, closeup The Right Materials Make Area Rug Cleaning Easier - Shopping for a new area rug can be overwhelming for most homeowners. There are so many materials, colors, and designs, so how do you choose? Of course, finding the appropriate shape and size is easy, but they are available in every conceivable material. You may have active, outdoorsy children that drag dirt and mud through […]
construction worker tiler 14 Choices That Make Tile and Grout Cleaning Easier - Shopping for tile can lead homeowners into a black hole of foreign-sounding terminology. Contractors and industry professionals should know the terms and definitions for the installation and cleaning of tile and grout, but these experts do not actually choose the tiles they will be installing in a home. It is important for homeowners to be […]
Grout Cleaning Made Friendlier - Unsafe ingredients in household cleaning agents can cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue, asthma, allergies, rashes, and hives. In the early 1990s, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began encouraging manufacturers to move toward safer ingredients in their cleaning products. The agency’s hope was to minimize the potential of these products to cause unintended health and environmental consequences. […]
Carpet rolls Buying Carpet? Here’s a Quick Guide to Your Carpet Choices - Carpets come in a myriad of colors and styles. When you’re choosing a new carpet, the choices can be overwhelming. This quick guide will help you identify which type of carpet you prefer for each room. Berber This is a loop-pile carpet, meaning that the carpet pile has no exposed tips. The loops are tightly […]
Young woman pouring vegetables on a pan Trendy Tile Needs Effective Grout Cleaning - For decades, the function of home tiling has outweighed its form. Traditional ceramic tiles were plain looking and laid out in very linear patterns. Homeowners seemed more concerned with ease of cleaning and protecting their tile from damage than they were with the actual overall appearance. However, recent years have seen the return of beautiful […]
beautiful asian woman using laptop computer Top 4 Websites for Carpet Cleaning Reviews - With fake news stories permeating our online society it can be difficult to believe anything you read on the internet. Luckily, there are several reputable business review sites that do their best to reduce the biased opinions sometimes posted by companies and their competitors. They also protect consumers from disreputable online business practices. Businesses have […]
Hand in yellow glove cleans the tile toothbrush. 4 Ways to Combat Grout Stains - Most homeowners take pride in keeping a clean house, but one thing that stumps them is the pink staining, also referred to as biofilm, that occurs on kitchen and bathroom grout, tile and fixtures. Fortunately, with a little elbow grease, changes to the environment, and maintenance, that staining can be battled. There are several things […]
Two caucasian male hands cleaning kitchen grout of an old, dirty tile floor with environmentally friendly hydrogen peroxide baking soda and a scrub brush The Top 3 Safety Tips for Tile and Grout Cleaning - It can be difficult to keep a house clean. The lack of time for working adults in addition to the presence of children, dogs, or inconsiderate roommates can make the job even harder. At times, kitchen and bathroom cleaning can feel like a losing battle because of the constant moisture buildup on the sinks and […]
worker with rubber trowel applying grout tile Which Type of Grout Should I Use for My Project? - Grout is a mixture of materials that is used to fill the joints between tile and masonry units. It bonds the tiles, making them stronger and more resistant to chipping and cracking. Grout is necessary to make your floors, walls, or counters watertight and to give them a finished look. Choosing the right grout for […]
New Tiled Bathroom How To Install Tile in Your Bathroom - So you’ve decided your bathroom needs a makeover? Tiling your bathroom is the first step. Maybe you have a vinyl or hardwood floor that’s not appealing anymore, or you just want a change in appearance. By following the steps below, you should be able to tile your bathroom in no time. Determine What You Need […]
Beautiful Living Room in New Modern Home Key Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips - Clean tiles improve the appearance of any kitchen or bathroom, making the entire room look more dynamic, cleaner, and bigger. Ensure that you wipe any spills to prevent the stains from adhering to the tiled floor. If you include the tile and grout cleansing as part of your general cleaning regimen, you will eliminate the […]