7 Tips for Keeping Your Home Looking Pristine Clean

Floor dust mop for keeping your home cleanKeeping the house clean can seem like a never-ending task. With kids, laundry, pets, and dirty soccer clothes, the house can get dirty and cluttered in minutes. Perhaps you’ve gazed longingly at the magazine photos of beautifully decorated and clean homes, but resigned yourself to a perpetually dirty home. There’s no need to resign yourself to that fate—a clean house is possible. Here are some quick tricks you can apply that will get your house looking more pristine.

Cut the clutter.

Junk mail, coupons, flyers, instructions, notes, and other random pieces of paper can quickly pile up and turn into a looming mountain. Deal with these things on a daily basis. Throw away the junk, put time-sensitive coupons with your grocery list, and transfer the random bits of notes to your planner.

Curtail entryway chaos.

The entrance to your home, whether it’s a large foyer or a direct entry to your main living area, can become a collection of dirty boots, coats, backpacks, and sports paraphernalia. If you don’t have a closet, invest in some hooks and shoe shelves to handle the daily onslaught. If it’s too much (or too out of reach) for the little ones, you can set up a toy box for their coats by the door. And train everyone to take their shoes off at the door—it will cut your cleaning time by at least half.

Enlist the kids.

Start the kids on a daily routine of household chores. From a young age, they can help with things like putting toys away, folding laundry, taking out the trash, loading or unloading the dishwasher, and sweeping the floor. (This will pay off when they’re older too!) You can make cleanup time into a game or a race or create a fun prize system. Try ideas until you find one that motivates your kids.

Put it out of sight.

If you must collect junk mail or random glass jars or piles of laundry, reserve a spot for your collection inside a basket, drawer, or box, or behind a closet door. Then, make an appointment with yourself to tackle this project for at least a half hour every day until it’s resolved.

Wipe down one area every day.

In 10 minutes or less, you can wipe down a problem area every day. One day, you could wipe down the kitchen counters and cupboards; another day, you can give a few swipes to the bathroom sink and floor or a quick scrub of the toilet and tub; and on yet another day, you can vacuum the main traffic areas of the house.

Get the carpets cleaned.

Once a carpet has huge stain spots or unsightly discoloration, it’s more difficult to create the impression of a beautifully clean home. A professional carpet cleaning should be done at least once a year. Not only will this extend the life of a carpet, but it will also restore the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Clean bathrooms every week.

Bathrooms can quickly collect all kinds of germs, crud, soap residues, and more. If you clean these suckers every week, you’ll avoid the extra effort (and hours) of removing dried-on layers of grime. Plus, you’ll be proud to let your impromptu guests use the bathroom.

It’s true that it takes a little work to keep a house clean, but a little effort every day will translate to huge time savings and a happier you. Don’t let crud and dust bunnies take up long-term residence; tackle your house, one day at a time.