Are you Ready for the Holidays?

HolidaysIt’s getting to be that time again. Holidays are coming up quickly. I don’t know where this past year has gone, but it has certainly flown by quickly. It seems that the older we get the quicker the years go by, and time just runs together. I remember as a kid, it took FOREVER for Santa to come again, now it seems like only a month ago I woke up to the Christmas Tree over flowing with presents. (I have 4 boys; so there were quite a few.)

With the holidays upon us, carpet cleaning is a very important aspect of getting your home to shine, when your guests arrive. The holidays are about family and showing love, but it does feel good to know your home is clean. If you do choose to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned, make sure you schedule the appointment early, because we get booked up quickly. We will also leave you with a bottle of professional carpet cleaner spotter for any accidents that do happen.

Be careful not to put most of the store bought chemicals on spots, because if they do not get them out, they can actually lock the stain in. Sometimes they have been known to bleach out the carpet as well. The carpet cleaner spotter that we leave with you is a neutral spotter and safe for carpets.

If you will burn candles during the holidays, be careful not to have the home completely shut off from outside air. The candle smoke can cause filtration lines around the baseboards of the carpets. If wax is spilled on the carpet, get a clean white rag and an iron. Carefully heat up the iron (on lowest setting) on the rag over the wax and the wax should transfer onto the rag. Do not leave the iron on the rag for longer than 20 seconds, you don’t want to burn the carpet. Repeat as necessary.

I have compiled a list of things to do before the holidays arrive.

____Carpets & Tile Cleaned
____Clean baseboards & Doors (When my kids get in trouble, I make them take a rag and Fabuloso, and wipe the baseboards)
____Clean soap scum from shower door (mix solution: squirt of dish soap, ½ cup boiling vinegar, & ½ cup boiling water)
_____wipe walls with magic eraser
_____Maintenance cleaning of tile & grout, use Fabuloso, or a neutral cleaner
_____Keep Lysol wipes in bathrooms, for quick wipes of sinks/toilets (Deep Clean weekly)

Hope this was beneficial for you.