5 Benefits of Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida

Living in a humid, sandy, and swampy area can wreak havoc on the floors of a home. Then you begin adding children and pets and keeping those floors clean becomes nearly impossible. Not only does this have the potential to take up a lot of one’s precious time, it will also cost them money in the long run. Keeping your floors clean is a lot cheaper than replacing them, especially when it comes to carpeting.

Professional carpet cleaning services use a method known as hot water extraction (HWE) though you will often hear it referred to as steam cleaning. Using this method, routine carpet cleaning offers several benefits that rental machines and/or lack of maintenance cannot supply.

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1. Manufacturer Recommended

In recent years, carpet manufacturers have realized that hot water extraction carpet cleaning is the safest way for their products to be protected after installation in homes and businesses. Many major producers of home carpeting have even begun requiring HWE as part of their warranty policies.

Using this simple combination of high water pressure and hot water is preferable to the potentially damaging results of residue that is left behind by shampoos and dry cleaning solutions. Professional carpet cleaning companies also possess a level of control with HWE that is not possible with other chemical processes.

2. Easy Access

One of the most difficult aspects of good carpet cleaning is finding easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Grocery store rental machines are heavy and bulky. Granted, carry handles and wheels have been added to DIY carpet cleaners, but this hasn’t done anything for their ability to reach small or crowded spaces.

Many carpet cleaning companies have invested in truck-mounted machines that do more than just supply heat to the water and power the vacuum. The technicians utilizing truck mounts have an easy time navigating difficult to reach spaces, such as properties with multiple buildings or stories without the need to haul a large machine from one place to another.

3. Deeper Cleaning

Rentable, do-it-yourself, carpet cleaning devices also lack the power and capabilities associated with industrial machines. They do not contain elements for heating the water once it is in the machine, and inserts will often instruct users to simply add hot water to them.

With HWE, the dirt, dust, germs and pet dander in your carpet will be better removed than with DIY machines that will only vacuum up portions of soil while they push the rest deeper into the carpeting. Deep cleaning is essential to extending the life of your carpet because any remaining debris has the potential to wear down the fibers under foot traffic.

4. Eco-Friendly

As parents and business owners, the health of your families, pets, employees and clients is probably important to you. Regular carpet cleaning will improve the air quality in the places you and the important people in your life spend most of your time. Dry cleaning solutions and carpet shampoos have been known to exude toxic fumes that no one should be inhaling.

Professional hot water extraction systems will not only remove trapped air pollutants from your carpets, they will do it without the use of harsh chemicals. The water used in these machines is sufficiently hot enough to disinfect, but unlike other cleaners, there will be no environmentally damaging residue or water runoff when the job is finished.

5. Accelerated Dry Times

Unless you are planning a long vacation after your carpets are cleaned you will probably want them to dry in as little time as possible. Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machines make this difficult for most people. Maybe it’s lack of user experience or perhaps it’s just that these machines are sub-par at best in doing what they are meant to do.

Your family or company team members will be able to quickly return to normal activity following HWE carpet cleaning service. The truck-mounted machines used by carpet cleaning companies vacuum up the used water during the cleaning process, not after. This simultaneous activity in conjunction with the power of truck units will have your carpets dry in hours instead of days.

Whether you need routine maintenance or a one-time deep cleaning, in your home or your offices, hiring professionals for the job will likely be a more enjoyable process than doing the work yourself. After all, your family, employees, and checking accounts should be well-protected from the results of DIY carpet cleaning.