Blow Out the Candles… Quick!

Cleaning Soot Out Of CarpetCandles. There’s nothing more appealing than the sweet scent of a burning candle. Retailers tend to believe that the sweet smell of candles more closely resembles the sweet smell of profits.

After all, candles are big business, with sales of over $2 billion dollars this year alone. It’s nearly impossible to enter a department store, clothing store, drug store or the corner hardware store, without finding candles on display.

Aromatherapy candles have touted relaxation benefits and mind/body healing. But, however soothing candles may be to your mental state, however appealing their odors, and however romantic a mood they set, candles may
be causing irreparable damage to your home.

Candles – scented candles in particular – give off soot as they burn. Soot is a natural by product of burning petroleum products such as wax. Scented candles are made by mixing fragrant oils into the candle wax.

Blow Out the Candles… Quick!

The more oil put into a candle, the stronger the fragrance that is produced. More oil produces more soot while burning. You wouldn’t think that a simple candle could produce that much soot, but if you try this little experiment,
you’ll be surprised and convinced:

Light a candle and hold an old dinner plate about 4 inches above the flame for 30 seconds. The bottom of the plate will be covered in oily, black soot.

The fact is, a scented candle will produce more pollution in one evening than a room full of cigarette smokers. Homes that frequently burn candles are actually causing daily smoke damage to their interior surfaces.

The soot collects on ceilings, light fixtures, electrical outlets, artwork, furniture and walls. As the soot lands on walls, gravity pulls the excess soot to the floor, where it collects on the carpeting around the perimeter of the room.

What was previously believed to be “soil filtration lines” in carpeting, could very well be caused by candles.

In an extreme example, we once inspected a home where the homeowner kept 8 – 10 candles burning constantly. The homeowner was convinced that the furnace was faulty and was the cause of all of her “smoke damage.” It cost the homeowner a small fortune to restore the damage.

Anybody that has tried to remove soot from a hard surface knows how difficult a task it can be. Carpeting and upholstery, which can be highly absorbent, make the task even more difficult. The key is to get the soot cleaned up before it settles and bonds to the fabric.

If you wait too long, it can be nearly impossible to remove.

So, enjoy those candles, but in moderation. If you have any questions, please call us (904) 642-0706.

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