Carpet Care & Your Families Health

Carpet Care JacksonvilleThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says… “Until such a time as the carpet fibers are cleaned, the potential for human exposure and health risk remains high.” “Every time carpets and fabrics are emptied of their pollution build-up through professional cleaning methods, there is a health benefit.”

Imagine a carpeted floor and a hard surface floor in your home, office or work area. Let’s say that you vacuum the carpet daily and sweep the floor daily. Six months later, what would your hard floor look like? Remember, you have only swept the floor, not mopped. You would have a grungy looking hard floor, but the carpet would still look good. The reason for this is that carpet does not magically repel dirt…it hides it! Same dirt on both floors, you just can’t see it on the carpet…yet.

The problem: Carpet by its design, hides dirt. By the time soil becomes apparent, it is no longer a light duty-cleaning chore, it has become a heavy-duty restoration. The ability of the cleaning process to achieve a desirable appearance is affected by the amount of soil and the length of time it has been in the carpet. Without a quality maintenance plan, the carpet is eventually replaced, not because it has “worn out,” but because cleaning no longer improves the appearance. The carpet has “uglied out.” The overall annual cost of owning a carpet can be reduced, if it is properly maintained. You could effectively extend your carpets life by 3 to 5 years.

The solution: Regular maintenance programs are your best protection against the build-up of soils, mold spores, chemicals, dust mites and other pollutants that accumulate in your carpet and upholstery. Protect your family’s health by calling A&C Carpet Cleaning and asking about out residential maintenance contract program.

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