Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Myths That You Shouldn’t Buy Into

Vacuuming carpetCarpeting is one of the biggest purchases made for a home, but yet, many homeowners fail to learn how to properly care for it. There is quite a bit of information floating around about carpet cleaning and maintenance, and it’s often easier to believe whatever you hear rather than do your own research to find out the actual truth. This is what has allowed numerous misconceptions on the subject to continue to build and get passed around from person to person, misguiding carpet owners on the right way to achieve long-lasting, fresh floors. Below are some of the most common myths that need to be put to rest.

Myth #1: New Carpeting Doesn’t Need to be Cleaned For a Few Years

When people have new carpeting installed, a normal assumption is that it won’t have to be cleaned for a few years, but this couldn’t be more wrong. From day one your carpet fibers will start to attract and trap soil, dust and whatever else is tracked in or floating in the air. If you wait until your carpets are visibly dirty, chances are, deterioration has already begun. The standard manufacturer recommendation is to have carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months, no matter how spotless they appear or how new they might be.

Myth #2: A Rental Machine Will Be More Efficient and Affordable

The majority of homeowners want to pinch pennies wherever they can, so they come up with DIY methods for many household tasks, but when it comes to carpet cleaning, this is not the time to skimp. Renting a machine is not the efficient, affordable solution people think it is. They don’t have the same power as the equipment used by professional technicians or the ability to reach down deep into the fibers where all the dirt, dust and allergen particles have settled. There is also the likelihood that inexperience will lead to mishaps with too much water or cleaning solution, which can seriously damage carpet.

Myth #3: The Dampness Left By Steam Cleaning is Bad For Carpets

Steam cleaning is generally the preferred method of carpet cleaning by technicians and manufacturers, but over time, people seemed to get it stuck in their minds that it’s harmful to their carpets because of the water it uses. However, this is just simply false thinking. Also known as hot water extraction, this technique provides a very thorough cleaning when handled by an experienced professional who also knows the proper protocol for drying, making concerns of shrinking and mildewing unwarranted. Not to mention, dry cleaning still utilizes water so it isn’t really “dry” after all.

Myth #4: Deodorizers and Vacuuming Are Good Enough to Keep My Carpets Fresh

There are still some homeowners out there who believe that it’s enough just to vacuum weekly and keep some deodorizer sprinkled over the carpet, but this, too, would be inaccurate. Vacuuming is a big part of the effort to keep carpets fresh and clean, but it only touches the surface and can’t eliminate all that has accumulated within the fibers. So, to really be effective and improve the indoor air quality, a deep cleaning must take place periodically. Deodorizers can cause more harm than good as they are difficult to fully vacuum up and may result in staining after a carpet cleaning.

An investment as large as carpeting deserves to be taken care of in a way that maximizes its performance and longevity. Getting down to the truth about carpet cleaning and maintenance is sure to make you happier with your investment in the long run.