5 Easy Carpet Cleaning Hacks for Jacksonville, Florida, Residents

Not too many people can afford to have expert carpet cleaners at their beck and call every time one of his kids spills juice on the white Berber carpeting. Many families opt to hire a professional cleaning service once in a while, but how does one keep things looking tidy in between these visits? The following life hacks will help you keep your home’s carpeting looking fresh until a thorough cleaning comes due again.

man in beach house with great dane on carpet

Remove your shoes.

Of course, most respectful homeowners would never think to ask their visitors to remove their shoes. On the other hand, the guests who understand the plight of living with children and pets just may choose to do so in order to protect their loved one’s sanity. Children are easier to control in cases such as these and requiring the practice among those in your own home goes a long way to keeping dirt buildup to a minimum while you wait for your next carpet cleaning appointment.

Invest in a good vacuum.

The plastic and inexpensive vacuums you see at your local discount department store may seem like a bargain. After all, they have commercials on television, so they must be good, right? Wrong. What the makers of these residential vacuum systems don’t tell you is that you will spend the next few months fighting with filters and loss of suction. Industrial vacuums are more durable and more user-friendly making them a wise investment in the long run.

Keep dust at bay.

Several things can affect the dust levels in the home. Pet hair and dander are some of the biggest culprits for these fine particulates that permeate homes in what is sometimes a very short time. A couple things can help reduce the heavy buildup of dust in your home. Pets’ fur should be brushed regularly, walls and other surfaces can be vacuumed quickly, and ventilation ducts need to be cleaned once in a while.

Don’t rub spots.

This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s more to it than simply laying a cloth down and pressing. For one thing, most homeowners either don’t blot spills long enough or they cover the spot thinking the rag will just soak it up. The quicker you can get to a spot, and the more effort you put into soaking up that spill, will ensure better removal and prevent staining. Also, never forget that even clear fluids can trap dirt and become a stain over time.

Deodorize naturally.

If you find that your carpet has somehow developed an unpleasant odor in between carpet cleanings it may be time to find an easy fix that won’t have adverse effects on your family members, pets, and carpet fibers. Experts often recommend a vinegar solution that can be made right in your own kitchen. Whatever you choose to use make sure it is eco-friendly and pet-safe. In addition, be very careful to not fully saturate any area.

The carpeting in a home can begin to look dingy pretty quickly, especially when it’s located near a beach or swampy area. The presence of children and pets never helps either. So, don’t wait for stains and grime to build up, tackle the problems head-on with a little pre-planning.