How Carpet Cleaning Relates to Selling Your Home

nocatee-floridaThere are a laundry list of things to consider and accomplish when putting your home up on the market, especially if you’re hoping for a quick sell. Among all the advice about kitchen and bathroom remodeling, curb appeal and staging, carpets often get left out of the discussion even though they shouldn’t be. Being that they take up quite a bit of space, carpets are a big focal point of any room and frequently leave an impression on potential buyers, whether they mention it or not. Learn why it’s important to have a professional Nocatee carpet cleaning company refresh your carpets before presenting your property to the public.

Portray a Well-Kept Home

Your carpet can serve as a sign of how well you’ve maintained your home overall. Dirty, stained carpets will scream neglect to home buyers, making them wonder what else you’ve failed to tend to on the property. This hesitancy may be just enough to send them in the direction of another home that appears spotless. In comparison to the deal you could be losing out on, the expense of carpet cleaning is minimal.

Get Rid of Unpleasant Odors

Foul odors can make otherwise interested buyers turn right around and walk back out the front door in no time. It’s probable that carpets that haven’t been professionally cleaned in awhile have accumulated quite a bit of dirt, food particles, cooking grease, cigarette smoke and other things that contribute to unpleasant odors. These smells stick to carpet fibers and linger, and homes with pets are sure to be in even more trouble. A deep cleaning is the only way to ensure you will get rid of offensive scents so that all the charming features of the property can shine through.

Minimize the Chances of Negotiating Carpet Replacement into the Deal

A buyer may express a desire to go through with their offer even if they find the carpet to be less than appealing. However, the issue could still come up during the negotiations process asking for you, the seller, to take care of all costs associated with completely replacing the carpet. While the expense of installing new carpeting may seem nominal when considering the entire amount of the sale, think about how much more you would be pocketing if you had just invested in a simple carpet cleaning.

Reduce the Risk of Ruining Your Carpet With a DIY Approach

You may already be spending a good chunk of change on home repairs or other selling points, but this is no reason to skimp when it comes to cleaning your carpets. Carpets are ruined all the time by homeowners who think the do-it-yourself approach will work just fine. The truth is, rented machines just aren’t as powerful or effective as professional equipment. Couple that with the inexperience of the person operating the machine and you generally have a recipe for disaster, leaving yourself right back in the boat of having to pay for a total replacement.

Make sure you get the most out your sale by letting a Nocatee carpet cleaning company efficiently spruce up your floors.