Buying Carpet? Here’s a Quick Guide to Your Carpet Choices

Carpet rollsCarpets come in a myriad of colors and styles. When you’re choosing a new carpet, the choices can be overwhelming. This quick guide will help you identify which type of carpet you prefer for each room.


This is a loop-pile carpet, meaning that the carpet pile has no exposed tips. The loops are tightly weaved, which leads to some attractive features—stains have a tougher time settling in and vacuum cleaners don’t leave marks. Because of its durable and stain-resistant nature, this is a carpet style most frequently seen in high-traffic areas, such as offices, schools, patios, foyers, staircases, and hallways. Berber carpets, however, don’t mix well with pet claws. Make sure your pet’s claws are trimmed or removed!


Frieze is a common carpet style in homes. It’s the modern interpretation of the old shag carpet style of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Frieze has long, loose fibers with a high twist, which hide dirt very well. This makes it very attractive to busy homeowners. It’s also soft and comfortable, as well as long-lasting. As a well-rounded carpet style, it can be installed in almost any room.


A plush carpet is luxurious. Some also refer to it as a velvet carpet, so named for its velvet-like appearance. If you’re into having an extra-soft carpet to sink your feet into or an elegant look for a more formal room, then you might want to splurge on a plush carpet. This carpet is a favorite for master bedrooms and formal living rooms, or even formal dining rooms, since it has a tendency to show stains, vacuum cleaner marks, and footprints.


If you want a room to have a retro look or you just want a contemporary floor covering that shows a little personality, the shag carpet might be just the thing for you. The pile in this carpet is so long it can’t stand upright—hence it’s name. Shag carpets come in all colors these days and have a reputation for being soft, cozy, and luxurious while managing to look sophisticated. Be aware, though, that all of these amazing features come with a caveat: the long fibers can get caught in the vacuum cleaner. You can avoid this by setting the vacuum height to high and scheduling a professional carpet cleaning periodically.

Choosing a new carpet is a fun experience—you’re getting a new look and a new carpet that is unsullied by stains, worn areas, pet dander, and dirt. Choose the style and colors that fit your personality and lifestyle.