Should You Invest in Professional Rug Cleaning?

Most area rugs are purchased for the purposes of protecting a home’s existing flooring while also accentuating the look of a particular room. Some homeowners go out of their way to find expensive area rugs, but others simply find the one that matches the style regardless of cost.
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No matter your reasons for buying a particular area rug, there are some very good reasons to have it professionally cleaned instead of trying to do it yourself or replacing it with a new one. If in doubt, the following list of questions may help you make that decision.

Are you emotionally attached to the rug?

If your area rug holds any sentimental value, as in the case of family heirlooms or dream-realizing purchases, then it’s probably pretty important to you that it remains in the best condition possible. Professional rug cleaning technicians are trained, experienced, and well-prepared to revitalize the look of your area rug while also protecting it from the potentially damaging effects of improper care procedures.

Would cleaning and repair be cheaper than replacement?

Yes, it is true that many inexpensive area rugs are available on the market these days. However, if you invested in a more luxurious piece or it has been handed down to you from a family member, its worth may actually exceed the costs associated with professional area rug cleaning. Consulting a professional will allow you to have a clear idea of how much it would cost to repair and clean your rugs before you choose to replace them.

What do the rug’s care instructions suggest?

Newer area rugs will come with care instructions for the cleaning practices best suited to prolonging their lives. On the other hand, antiques and family heirlooms may have never had these directions or they could have been lost over the years. Either way, a professional cleaning service will thoroughly inspect your rug to determine the best methods for its cleaning and repair.

Does the rug have fire or water damage?

Both fire and water will wreak havoc on area rugs especially if they are left sitting in these damaging states for too long. Not only can water weaken the foundations of rugs and cause rot to occur, dangerous mold and bacteria may also thrive with the potential of causing physical harm to your loved ones and pets. Likewise, soot from fires can become ground into the fibers and lead to breakage over time.

Would you like to preserve the rug in question?

While it may seem easy enough to read care instructions and carry out rug cleaning on your own, these do-it-yourself methods are lacking in the longtime protection offered by service companies. Moths are extremely attracted to rug fibers and the damage they cause is often invisible until it has become extensive. Professional rug cleaning services offer non-toxic fiber protectors and odorless moth repellent for just these purposes.

The last thing you should do is just toss that soiled or damaged area rug in the trash. Instead, examine your personal feelings and weigh the costs before making a final decision about a particular rug’s fate. In the end, you will delight in the fact that you’ve done what is best for you, your family, and the area rug in question.

4 Value-Driving Things that Determine Rug Cleaning Methods

So you went and procured yourself a really nice area rug. Maybe you did your research and bought the perfect rug for your home or perhaps it was a family heirloom passed down to you from a family member. It doesn’t really matter how or why you chose a particular rug. What will matter is how to get it cleaned and restored once your children, pets, and guests have tortured it with years of use. There are four things that not only affect the value of that area rug, but also in the way it should be cleaned.

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1. Knot Density

Just as the number of pixels determines the quality of images, the number of knots in any given unit of a handmade rug’s area is directly proportionate to its quality. This is because hand-tying the knots is very labor-intensive. Skillful weavers can tie up to 12,000 knots per hour, while most will only average about 10,000 knots in a day.

The purchase price of a hand-knotted area rug depends largely on the production costs, so it makes sense that those with a higher knot density will cost more. Therefore, it is important to protect these expensive pieces with frequent cleaning. Experts agree that simple vacuuming usually suffices, but if yours becomes heavily soiled, you should have a reputable rug cleaning service perform the work in order to ensure it is protected from damage.

2. Numerous Colors

Area rugs that contain 15 or more naturally-dyed colors are more expensive than those with fewer, synthetic colors. Natural dyes will appear less intense, but require more labor and knowledge than those made with synthetic dyes. Vegetable dyes are more appealing to the eye, but they can be more prone to bleeding if not cleaned properly.

A skilled rug cleaning company will know how to reduce the possibility of these dyes fading or bleeding. Many will use a slightly acidic wash water in order to reinforce the bond between the dyes and the wool used to make the rug.

3. Craftsmanship

The method used to create your area rug is another price-determining factor. Machine-made rugs can be made quickly and therefore cost less. However, a hand-made flatweave, hooked, tufted, or woven rug takes much more expertise and time to be produced. Rugs created by hand are also more likely to last decades longer than their cheaper counterparts.

When it comes time to thoroughly clean one of these more expensive area rugs, there are several things that must be avoided in order to retain its original quality. For example, rugs made with high-quality craftsmanship should not be used in high traffic areas because removing stains can be troublesome and damaging. If your rug does become stained it will require professional cleaning so as to protect it from ill-used chemicals and tools.

4. Materials

Area rugs are made with a large variety of materials ranging from high-end silk and durable wool down to the more affordable synthetics. Handmade wool rugs are considered the gold standard because they are both soft and durable. Other materials, like natural fiber jutes and sisals are viewed as versatile and the strong fibers make them durable, but they are also easily stained.

How your rug is cleaned will depend largely on what materials were used in its construction. Some materials, including jutes and silks are easily damaged by moisture and can be more prone to allowing molds and mildews to grow. Others, like wool and synthetics, are more water-repellent and this makes their cleaning easier than others.

In conclusion, high-quality area rugs have the potential to last for decades, but they must be well-cared for in order for that to be true. Using the wrong cleaning solutions or tools on a rug will affect not only its value, but also its durability and overall look. If you’re not experienced, be sure to contact a professional about cleaning those high-price rugs so as to protect them and keep them in optimal condition for as long as possible.

5 Lovely Reasons to Invest in Area Rug Cleaning

boy with tablet after area rug cleaningHave you ever considered the benefits of obtaining regular area rug cleaning? While numerous carpet care companies provide valuable assistance to businesses and homeowners in helping maintain upholstery and lovely carpeting, many of these firms do not offer specialized services addressing rugs. Yet sanitizing this special category of floor covering remains exceedingly important. Just consider four of the benefits you’ll obtain by hiring a firm to remove dirt, sand, and other embedded debris from your treasured area rugs:

1. Enjoy a Stylish Décor

Today, area rugs add zest to trendy interior designs. By keeping floor coverings and tapestries in an immaculate condition, you’ll greatly expand your available décor options. Don’t sacrifice creating a modern, fashionable environment because you fear requesting cleaning services for your area rugs!

2. Eliminate Odors And Allergens

Unless you obtain regular skilled area rug cleaning, these floor coverings (just like carpeting) will become malodorous. Foot traffic always eventually results in the deposit of embedded grime inside woven carpeting and rugs. This material, which may include pollen and other plant debris, retains odors unless removed. It may even make sensitive individuals uncomfortable by contributing to allergies.

3. Celebrate their Beauty

Periodic skilled cleaning showcases the vibrant colors and fine craftsmanship are evident in lovely floor coverings. You’ll share the beauty of your area rugs more effectively by seeking this assistance on a regular basis. Some fine rug designers have created stunning works of art! These precious pieces will display the artisanship of their makers fully when you ensure dust and dirt cannot obscure their beauty.

4. Maintain Durability

By asking a skilled rug cleaner to remove grease and dirt from your rugs properly, you’ll help ensure these possessions endure in a usable condition for as long as possible. When dust, dander, and dirt accumulate over a sufficient period of time in a rug’s weave, greasy deposits can eventually damage the fibers. Fine threads may tangle and clump together. Regular sanitizing helps prevent these unwelcome changes from occurring. It enables people to continue enjoying lovely area rugs for as long as possible.

5. Invest Wisely

Taking the time to request professional, competent cleaning services for your area rugs represents a smart investment. You won’t hesitate to display these prized floor coverings to beautify your home when you can feel confident they pose a source of satisfaction and happiness for everyone. A sparkling clean area rug enables you to increase your decorating options without contributing unpleasant odors to the premises.

You’ll savor the charm of a desirable floor covering, and also increase the chances you’ll enjoy your rug for years into the future by scheduling regular sanitizing services. Periodic cleaning also helps prevent this type of asset from posing a problem for people who suffer from some pollen-related allergies. To fully enjoy your area rugs, resolve now to ensure a capable specialist cleans them on a recurring basis.