Professional Carpet Cleaning In Atlantic Beach: What to Expect

Carpet_CleaningAlmost everyone has seen television commercials about carpet cleaning in Atlantic Beach and other surrounding towns, but what exactly happens when the carpet cleaner arrives at your doorstep? What do these professionals do, how long will the session take, and what can you do to keep your carpets clean after they have left?

Make My Day

After carpets have been professionally cleaned, they miraculously look new again and smell fresh and clean. This is not only good for the carpets, but it helps homeowners keep the value of their house up and also helps give the home’s interior a relatively inexpensive makeover.

Clean carpets not only look nice, they improve the mood of everyone in the home. If you’ve never called a professional carpet cleaning service before, call one up and they’ll make your day.

Extraction for Carpets

Professional carpet cleaning businesses use a tried and true method to clean carpets, whether they are commercial grade or expensive deep pile carpets. This system is called the liquid extraction process, and in some cases is also known as steam cleaning.

Although very little steam is actually generated at all, very hot water and cleaning solutions are used for extraction. This liquid is injected into carpets by special equipment and simultaneously vacuumed back up with dissolved dirt, grime, and oil from the dirty carpet.

The extraction method is the safest way to clean carpets, and while there are consumer products that can be purchased or rented, these units do not have the same vacuum power or hot liquid generators found in professional cleaning vans.

Drying Times

Standard sized rooms, according to industry guidelines, will take about 20 to 30 minutes to fully clean. Each carpet will be evaluated prior to cleaning in order to determine any special conditions that may need attention.

After the carpets are sparkling clean, the drying times can vary from two to three hours on hot summer days. If the weather is inclement, or a bit on the humid side, this time lengthens but can be shortened considerably by leaving the indoor heating on to assist the drying.

Thick pile carpets will take the longest to dry, so schedule for this task accordingly.

Taking Care of Business

After a good carpet cleaning, the best advice from the professionals is to make sure you keep up on regular vacuuming to avoid dirt and grime from building back up in the carpets until your next scheduled cleaning in 12 to 18 months.

Call for a free consultation from the experts at A & C for carpet cleaning in Atlantic Beach; you’ll be glad you did.

How Jacksonville Beach Churches Can Benefit From Carpet Cleaning Services

church carpetWhen people think of carpet cleaning services in Jacksonville Beach and the surrounding areas, it is usually in regards to homes or businesses. But there is also another important part of the community that can benefit from carpet cleaning – churches.

Lots of Foot Traffic

Sunday worship service is the prime time when lots of foot traffic occurs; morning and afternoon congregations enter and leave the main sanctuary in a steady stream. But many churches are open other times of the week for youth meetings, choir practice, fellowship groups, worship teams and staff meetings, just to name a few of the activities that are constantly going on.

All of this additional activity means more wear on the carpets. Sunday school classes for children and adults also tally up more carpet time as well.

After months and years of constant use, carpets begin to look their age and there may be discussions of replacing the carpets for new ones. But this can literally cost thousands of dollars and the financial responsibility may take away from other church outreach projects, which are more urgent.

Experts at Work

Carpet cleaning may seem like a simple thing to do, but doing it correctly, efficiently, and professionally is another matter altogether.

In the case of cleaning carpets in a church sanctuary, extra special care is needed to insure that the carpets are not only sparkling clean and fresh smelling, but they must be dry and ready well before Sunday worship begins.

The folks at A & C Carpet Cleaning understand the needs and unique conditions related to church schedules and will do their very best to make sure carpet cleaning services are done in a well-organized, respectful, and professional manner.

Keeping Carpets Clean

After the initial carpet cleaning, the church staff will have to make sure that the proper steps for maintenance are followed in order to keep the carpets clean as long as possible. The best way to do this is to make sure that they are vacuumed on a weekly basis.

Tracked in soil from the outside tends to attract more dirt, and frequent vacuuming helps to keep the soiling down to a minimum.

It All Adds Up

The cost of replacing carpets can be substantial, so a good alternative may be to have them professionally cleaned. If your church needs carpet cleaning in Jacksonville Beach, consider calling A & C for a free consultation and expert advice.

Having a Healthier Home With Fruit Cove Carpet Cleaning Services

Upholstery Cleaning Jacksonville FLThe importance of carpet cleaning often goes underrated in many households. Though carpeting is a big focal point of any room, its appearance is only one reason for enforcing a rigorous maintenance routine. The longevity of your carpet investment, as well as the health of everyone in your household, is also dependent upon how well your floors are cared for. If you want fresher, cleaner and healthier carpets, following these steps in retaining the services of a Fruit Cove carpet cleaning company will help you achieve just that.

Decide on Your Carpet Cleaning Goals

Oftentimes, homeowners make the mistake of hiring a carpet cleaner without knowing exactly what they want to get out of the service. As mentioned above, carpet cleaning is about a lot more than just finding a company with the cheapest price to remove the few spots and stains that are detracting from the appeal of your carpet. An effective carpet cleaning must reach within the depths of carpet fibers and remove all the grime, dust mites, allergens and other pollutants that have settled and become embedded deep down. These things aren’t visible to the naked eye, but you can be sure that they are there. You must decide on what your real goals are to come up with the proper carpet cleaning plan.

Find a Trustworthy Carpet Cleaning Company

Once you establish what your objectives are, it will be easier to find a carpet cleaning company to fit your needs. It’s always a good idea to ask prospective companies for references and to check out past client reviews. Learn all that you can about a carpet cleaner by inquiring about their licensing, cleaning techniques, equipment used and policy on customer satisfaction. With A&C Carpet Cleaning you’ll know exactly what to expect from your service.

Commit to Scheduling a Yearly Carpet Cleaning

After deciding that A&C has just the experts you need to assist you in taking care of your carpets, our technicians will advise you on how frequently your floors should be professionally cleaned. In most cases, committing to an annual deep cleaning will be sufficient, however, this may change depending on the presence of children, pets and allergy sufferers. The longer you wait to call in the professionals, the sooner your carpets will wear out and the more your indoor air will become polluted.

Give your Fruit Cove home a boost by implementing an effective carpet cleaning regimen with A&C Carpet Cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Facts Every Nocatee Homeowner Should Know

Swatches_of_carpet_1When you spend the money and effort to buy a home, there’s a good chance that you want all of its parts and pieces to last for a long time and remain as charming as possible. This should definitely include the carpeting as well, which has the power to make a statement about the people who live there.

Carpets take up a lot of space in a home, and those that are not well-cared for are evident, while ones that are properly maintained can make a big difference in the comfort and appeal of a home and its environment. Forget about all the hesitations you’ve ever had about hiring a professional Nocatee carpet cleaning company and learn some of the most important reasons why you should.

Your Carpets Are Dirty – No Matter What They Look Like

Dusting is a frequent household chore for most people because they can visibly see when dust starts to collect on a surface. If areas of a home can get that dirty just from things floating in the air, imagine all the grime and pollutants that have settled into the fibers of your carpet as well and the fact that it’s absorbing foot traffic every day. Carpets act as one big trap for all kinds of contaminants, and whether or not you can tell by looking at its surface, there’s no doubt that it’s getting dirtier by the day and contributing to poor indoor air quality – no matter how much time you spend vacuuming.

Steam Cleaning is Generally the Most Effective Technique

There are several different carpet cleaning techniques that you have the opportunity to choose from, but you should know that steam cleaning is usually the most effective. Professional steam cleaners are high-powered machines that emit high temperatures of water and inject carpets with a pressurized cleaning solution, using a strong suction to extract dirt, dust mites, pet dander and any other pollutants out of the depths of the fibers.

DIY Methods Don’t Work

Carpet cleaning is a task that many homeowners try to handle themselves by renting or buying their own machines in an effort save money on professional services. What they’re really doing is throwing money away whenever they opt to go the do-it-yourself route. This is because not only are they inexperienced with using the equipment, applying the right amount of cleaning solution and thoroughly drying the carpet, but the machines are nowhere near as powerful as those that carpet cleaning companies use. This means that a homeowner will never be able to get out as much dirt or remove stains completely on their own.

The Manufacturer’s Recommendations Do Matter

When carpet is bought, it comes with the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning, which most people probably don’t pay attention to. However, ignoring these instructions or suggestions can result in voiding the warranty and ruining the carpet. The carpet cleaning company you hire should have knowledge in the right kind of cleaning method for the type of carpet you have and take the manufacturer’s instructions into consideration before applying any treatment.

Beautifying and preserving the life of your carpet relies on adhering to the proper guidelines of maintenance and scheduling your yearly Nocatee professional carpet cleaning.

Hire a Professional Atlantic Beach Carpet Cleaning Company Today

Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville FLAlmost all of us have seen steam cleaning machines for sale at local department stores, on television shopping shows, and on the Internet. These products offer a way for people to do-it-yourself, and ideally, save you money in the process. But should you take this route and buy or rent a cleaning machine or hire a professional Atlantic Beach carpet cleaning company?

Time is Money

Because consumer carpet cleaning machines do not have the same vacuum power or water holding capacity of professional units, it will take significantly longer for this DIY project.

Using consumer steam cleaning machines also means that you will have to fill them with clean hot water and then dump the dirty water many times during the cleaning of a single room. This can be messy and may even drip dirty water back into your carpet as you take out the tanks.

In addition, renting a steam cleaning machine from a home supply store or from the supermarket may produce less than acceptable results due to some of these units not operating at peak efficiency or being broken after so many uses.

The time that is spent transporting this equipment back and forth to the store may be enough reason to make this option very unattractive to some homeowners.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, such as A&C Carpet Cleaning, assures that professional cleaning equipment is used and that the job will be done in an expedient and professional manner.

To Clean or Not To Clean?

For carpets that are lightly soiled, a consumer steam cleaning model may be what is needed. However, these units are not professional quality and will not clean as well as the services provided by a carpet cleaning business.

The reasons for this concern experience, equipment, and quick service.

Professional carpet cleaners know everything that there is to know about carpets and what they need for a safe, comprehensive cleaning.

This means knowing the appropriate mixture of water and cleaning solution, the proper brushes to use, when to use a pre-treatment for carpets to dissolve dirt, oils and grime, and other aspects to ensure a very clean carpet.

Professional carpet cleaners rely on specially converted vans that have hot water generators and vacuum machines to insure excellent cleaning results. The high-powered vacuums also extract more dirt and water out of the carpet, which means faster drying times.

If time, convenience, and quality are at the top of your list for carpet cleaning requirements, hiring an Atlantic Beach professional may be a smart option to take.

Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning: Myths Exposed

Carpet Cleaning JacksonvilleThrough the years, several popular myths regarding carpet cleaning keep recurring, and although they sound logical and correct, they aren’t. This advice can actually be very bad for your carpets. We’ll take a peek at the most commonly heard myths and help you debunk them.

Myth: Your Carpet Will Get Dirtier Faster After Cleaning

This one seems to make sense because people, who have cleaned their carpets with a DIY machine purchased at the department store, notice that their carpets do seem to get dirtier after a short time following the cleaning. As we shall see, this is only a partial truth.

This situation is a result of using carpet cleaning solutions and consumer steam cleaning machines that leave detergent residue behind in the carpets, which soils the carpet faster.

Professional carpet cleaning companies, such as A&C Carpet Cleaning in Jacksonville, use certified cleaning solutions and strong liquid vacuum machines that leave carpets sparkling clean with virtually no residue left behind to insure lasting results.

Myth: Any Carpet Cleaning Product Can Be Used

This myth is connected to the previous one, which means all carpet cleaning solutions or powders are not created equally.

Cheap carpet cleaning products or general cleaners may actually hurt your carpets or discolor them. At best, you will lose money on products that don’t work, and at worse, your carpets may become damaged.

Make sure to find out what your carpet manufacturer recommendations are for carpet cleaning products. Using the wrong ones will void your warranty.

Myth: Carpets Don’t Need Cleaning Because They Don’t Look Dirty

Carpets may not appear dirty on the surface, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t. A clean-looking car looks clean until you swipe your finger across its surface. And this is similar to clean-looking carpets.

Because carpets are made with literally hundreds of thousands of little fibers, these are perfect hiding places for all sorts of tiny particles, pollen, smoke from cooking, human and pet hair, and microscopic dirt.

The only way to address these pollutants in your carpets is through a thorough professional carpet cleaning session—about once a year to 18 months.

Other Benefits

Although having your carpet cleaned has rewards regarding a healthier indoor environment, it also gives a great boost to how you feel about your home.

Carpet owners often comment that they feel much better, emotionally, about their homes with a carpet that has been immaculately cleaned. Call your Jacksonville professional carpet cleaning company today to arrange for a consultation.

How Carpet Cleaning Relates to Selling Your Home

nocatee-floridaThere are a laundry list of things to consider and accomplish when putting your home up on the market, especially if you’re hoping for a quick sell. Among all the advice about kitchen and bathroom remodeling, curb appeal and staging, carpets often get left out of the discussion even though they shouldn’t be. Being that they take up quite a bit of space, carpets are a big focal point of any room and frequently leave an impression on potential buyers, whether they mention it or not. Learn why it’s important to have a professional Nocatee carpet cleaning company refresh your carpets before presenting your property to the public.

Portray a Well-Kept Home

Your carpet can serve as a sign of how well you’ve maintained your home overall. Dirty, stained carpets will scream neglect to home buyers, making them wonder what else you’ve failed to tend to on the property. This hesitancy may be just enough to send them in the direction of another home that appears spotless. In comparison to the deal you could be losing out on, the expense of carpet cleaning is minimal.

Get Rid of Unpleasant Odors

Foul odors can make otherwise interested buyers turn right around and walk back out the front door in no time. It’s probable that carpets that haven’t been professionally cleaned in awhile have accumulated quite a bit of dirt, food particles, cooking grease, cigarette smoke and other things that contribute to unpleasant odors. These smells stick to carpet fibers and linger, and homes with pets are sure to be in even more trouble. A deep cleaning is the only way to ensure you will get rid of offensive scents so that all the charming features of the property can shine through.

Minimize the Chances of Negotiating Carpet Replacement into the Deal

A buyer may express a desire to go through with their offer even if they find the carpet to be less than appealing. However, the issue could still come up during the negotiations process asking for you, the seller, to take care of all costs associated with completely replacing the carpet. While the expense of installing new carpeting may seem nominal when considering the entire amount of the sale, think about how much more you would be pocketing if you had just invested in a simple carpet cleaning.

Reduce the Risk of Ruining Your Carpet With a DIY Approach

You may already be spending a good chunk of change on home repairs or other selling points, but this is no reason to skimp when it comes to cleaning your carpets. Carpets are ruined all the time by homeowners who think the do-it-yourself approach will work just fine. The truth is, rented machines just aren’t as powerful or effective as professional equipment. Couple that with the inexperience of the person operating the machine and you generally have a recipe for disaster, leaving yourself right back in the boat of having to pay for a total replacement.

Make sure you get the most out your sale by letting a Nocatee carpet cleaning company efficiently spruce up your floors.

Ways to Draw Attention Away From Stains Until Your Next Carpet Cleaning

5300882185_9dd65ca009_bThere is generally no better way to manage and eliminate carpet stains than with the help of a professional carpet cleaner, but sometimes, that just isn’t an immediate option. If you’ve exhausted all attempts at spot cleaning on your own and that ugly stain is continuing to glare up at you every time you walk by, there are a few things you can do to conceal the ugliness until it’s possible to benefit from the expertise of a Jacksonville carpet cleaning company.

Rearrange Furniture

Rearranging furniture may seem like an unappealing chore at first, but it’s one of the easiest ways to cover up carpet stains and improve the look of a room. Moving your furnishings around now and then will give the space a fresh appearance as well as help to maintain your carpet’s structural properties by removing the strain of heavy furniture pieces off of certain areas and changing up the path of foot traffic. Keep in mind that while you’re placing furniture over spots, you still want the arrangement to appear natural and open up the living space as much as possible.

Throw Down Some Area Rugs

Area rugs are an age-old method of hiding less than attractive carpet. The trick is to find rugs that will not just cover spots and stains, but also complement the carpet and other decor you already have in place. Rugs can easily be moved around a room and will also help to make your carpet cleaning more effective since they will trap a good portion of the dirt, dust and other pollutants that would usually get embedded in carpet fibers.

Strategically Place Lighting

Lighting that is pointed toward the walls, ceiling or any place other than the carpeting will help to keep the focus off the floor and stains from being highlighted. In the event that you are having guests over, hosting an open house, etc. and need to conceal a spot or two in a pinch, dim the lights as much as possible without it seeming odd and use lamps with adjustable necks that can be arranged in a more appealing direction.

Add a Bit of Greenery

Plants can spruce up a room instantly, improve indoor air quality and provide a sneaky way to cover carpet imperfections. Eye-catching pots and striking plants can be positioned on top of discolored spots and will more than likely become the focal point of the space, drawing attention away from other problem areas.

You don’t have to be stuck looking at unsightly, stained up carpeting every day. Stay consistent in scheduling your professional Jacksonville carpet cleanings and use these tips to conceal blemishes in between treatments.

How to Implement an Effective Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Plan

IMG_4220It’s no secret that taking care of carpet is a chore, but it must be done if you wish to live in a clean and healthy environment. Carpets are a trap for soil, dust and other allergy-inducing pollutants, and if neglected, will begin to negatively affect the air quality of your household over time. In addition, good carpet maintenance will keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket so that you don’t have to spend it on repairs or replacement. By implementing an effective plan that includes the carpet cleaning and preventative maintenance steps below, you will be able to avoid losing your carpet’s luster while extending its lifetime as well.


Vacuuming is the first line of defense in any carpet upkeep. Establish a vacuuming routine that is done often enough, especially in areas that receive higher foot traffic, to remove dirt and dust particles from the surface before they have the chance to penetrate down deep and settle into the carpet fibers. Invest in a suitable vacuum that won’t do more harm than good, and keep it in good working condition for the best results.

Restrict Food and Drink

Food and drink spills are a common occurrence, particularly when there are children in the house. To minimize the risk of staining your carpet as much as you can, keep food and drinks regulated to the kitchen or other areas of the home that don’t have carpet.

Spot Clean

If you aren’t able to realistically prevent food and drinks from entering into your carpeted rooms or you have children and/or pets, there’s a good possibility you will have to spot clean at some point. Spot cleaning helps to reduce the chance of stains setting in and keeps carpets from becoming too dingy in between professional carpet cleanings. Keep white vinegar on hand, which will eliminate most common stains when attended to promptly, and always be sure to blot instead of scrub.

Relieve Pressure

Carpet fibers can easily become crushed and matted, leading to a breakdown of its structural properties. Limit this from happening by moving heavy furniture every now and then to relieve weight from pressing down on the same spots. This will also help to change up the flow of foot traffic in a room so that the same areas aren’t repeatedly being walked over and flattened. Installing quality padding underneath your carpet further aids in alleviating pressure by absorbing some of the impact from feet and furniture.

Reduce Fading

You probably chose the color of your carpet for a specific reason and would prefer for it not to change. Carpets can fade when left exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, so to prevent this, draw the blinds or curtains in rooms that aren’t being used or strategically place furniture in a way that blocks UV rays.

Deep Clean

Even after taking all of the preventative steps mentioned above, it will be necessary to have a professional carpet cleaning done about once a year. Deep cleanings performed by powerful equipment are vital for getting down into the carpet fibers where most soil, dust, pet dander and allergens are embedded.

When properly cleaned and cared for, carpeting can add so much style and comfort to a room. Follow these carpet cleaning and maintenance tips to ensure your home is able to make its best impression.

Signs It’s Time For a Professional Carpet Cleaning

carpet-cleaningIt’s easy to carry on with routine activities day after day and not realize the constant infiltration of dirt, dust, pet dander and other contaminants that is wreaking havoc on your carpet. Soiled carpets aren’t always obvious to the naked eye, and even though you may keep a handle on regular vacuuming, it won’t be enough to remove everything that has settled deep within the fibers. If you’re noticing that your carpet just isn’t as appealing as it used to be, there are a few things to look for that indicate it’s probably time to give up on the household cleaners and schedule a professional carpet cleaning.

Fibers Are Flattened

It’s inevitable that your carpet is going to experience some wear and tear over time, especially in areas that receive heavy foot traffic, but proper maintenance and cleaning can help prevent fibers from being crushed down and irreparably damaged. A buildup of dirt will eventually begin to hold carpet fibers down, presenting a flat appearance instead of its once plush look. Due to its abrasive nature, dirt also has a tendency to cut fibers just as a knife would if left to be continually walked over and ground further into the carpet.

Stains That Continue to Reappear

There are all kinds of incidents that can lead to stains on your carpet. No matter how careful you are with food and drinks or how well your pet is house-trained, accidents happen, and sometimes it just takes the tools and expertise of a licensed carpet cleaner to get it out. Many homeowners think they’ve remedied a stain situation on their own with a homemade or store-bought solution, only to find it has reappeared again after a few days. To effectively eliminate stains for good, it often requires special treatment from the professionals.

Unpleasant Odor

Carpets are not only a trap for pollutants, but foul odors as well. Those that haven’t been efficiently cleaned in awhile can start to give off a perpetual stench that makes it unpleasant to be anywhere indoors. Homes with pets are especially susceptible to this, but it’s nothing a good steam cleaning and deodorizer can’t help. Musty smells should be tended to right away as this could be a sign of mold growth.

Worsening Allergy Symptoms

Unclean carpets are frequently a trigger for allergy sufferers. When dirt, dust, pet hair, etc. begins to accumulate it can provoke an onset of allergy attacks and other medical conditions. If someone in your household seems to be constantly sick or miserable with allergies, it could be a sign that you’re overdue for a carpet cleaning.

Discoloration and/or Moisture

Traces of discolored or damp carpets are generally linked to the development of mold. Because of the health risk it poses, any suspicions of mold should never go neglected or be dealt with by anyone other than a professional. Any indications of mold spots or excessive moisture needs immediate attention.

Your carpet is an investment that should last you a long time without becoming an eyesore. Do your part in preserving it by staying aware of when it’s time to have a professional carpet cleaning done.