Hire a Professional Atlantic Beach Carpet Cleaning Company Today

Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville FLAlmost all of us have seen steam cleaning machines for sale at local department stores, on television shopping shows, and on the Internet. These products offer a way for people to do-it-yourself, and ideally, save you money in the process. But should you take this route and buy or rent a cleaning machine or hire a professional Atlantic Beach carpet cleaning company?

Time is Money

Because consumer carpet cleaning machines do not have the same vacuum power or water holding capacity of professional units, it will take significantly longer for this DIY project.

Using consumer steam cleaning machines also means that you will have to fill them with clean hot water and then dump the dirty water many times during the cleaning of a single room. This can be messy and may even drip dirty water back into your carpet as you take out the tanks.

In addition, renting a steam cleaning machine from a home supply store or from the supermarket may produce less than acceptable results due to some of these units not operating at peak efficiency or being broken after so many uses.

The time that is spent transporting this equipment back and forth to the store may be enough reason to make this option very unattractive to some homeowners.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, such as A&C Carpet Cleaning, assures that professional cleaning equipment is used and that the job will be done in an expedient and professional manner.

To Clean or Not To Clean?

For carpets that are lightly soiled, a consumer steam cleaning model may be what is needed. However, these units are not professional quality and will not clean as well as the services provided by a carpet cleaning business.

The reasons for this concern experience, equipment, and quick service.

Professional carpet cleaners know everything that there is to know about carpets and what they need for a safe, comprehensive cleaning.

This means knowing the appropriate mixture of water and cleaning solution, the proper brushes to use, when to use a pre-treatment for carpets to dissolve dirt, oils and grime, and other aspects to ensure a very clean carpet.

Professional carpet cleaners rely on specially converted vans that have hot water generators and vacuum machines to insure excellent cleaning results. The high-powered vacuums also extract more dirt and water out of the carpet, which means faster drying times.

If time, convenience, and quality are at the top of your list for carpet cleaning requirements, hiring an Atlantic Beach professional may be a smart option to take.