How To Install Tile in Your Bathroom

New Tiled BathroomSo you’ve decided your bathroom needs a makeover? Tiling your bathroom is the first step. Maybe you have a vinyl or hardwood floor that’s not appealing anymore, or you just want a change in appearance. By following the steps below, you should be able to tile your bathroom in no time.

Determine What You Need

Determine what you’ll need in regards to how much tile, grout, and underlayment you’ll need before starting to lay tile. Measuring the dimensions with a tape measure will allow you to get the correct amount of tile from the start and eliminate possible mismatched tiles later on.

Get Underlayment Ready to Install

It’s best to use cement board when installing your underlayment to allow for an even surface when laying your tile. Be sure to cut holes that allow for the toilet and other accommodations to fit comfortably. Drill into the underlayment and space screws six inches apart for the best results. Go here for more help with installing your underlayment.

Lay the Tile Out

Lay contrasting tiles along the edges first before laying out the rest of the tile. Try to organize the tiles in a way that ensures the maximum amount of whole tiles are used and that you minimize the appearance of any tiles you may have to cut. Use dividers to keep the tiles distributed evenly.

Apply the Thinset Mortar and Lay the Tile

Apply a thin layer of mortar on the underlayment with a notched trowel. Start laying the tile in their designated positions a few at a time with spacers to keep everything aligned. When all of the tile has been laid, allow for the mortar to dry for at least 24 hours before proceeding to the next step.

Apply Grout

When the mortar has dried, mix your grout, remove the spacers, and fill the area in between the tile with grout. After all the grout has been spread, use a sponge to wipe off any access grout on the tile. Be extremely thorough when wiping down excess grout as grout left over can cause a hazy appearance on the tile that’s difficult to remove later on. After 24 hours, spray on grout sealer to keep it protected. For more information, visit this site about applying grout to your tile.

After your tile has been laid, visit our site for more information regarding tile and grout cleaning.