4 Advantages to Having a Mudroom in Your Home

dirty dog tracks cause a need for carpet cleaningSimilar to the way a foyer is used in many suburban homes, mudrooms offer homeowners a space that will not only provide easy-entry, but will also reduce the amount of clutter that gathers near your front door and promote a clean environment for your family.

1. Dirty Dog?

Do your dogs enjoy the outdoors as much as you do? Sure, our pets are cute and fun and provide tons of emotional support to people of all ages. However, when you leave home, whether it’s for a couple hours or an entire work day, you will want to be sure that Fido has easy access to the yard without being stuck in the summer heat.

Luckily, with an exterior door and tile floors, a mudroom will give you peace of mind that your pup can get outside when needed while also having a cool place to rest his or her head. The simple installation of a dog-door will protect your home from your pets and your pets from the outside world.

2. Sandy Shoes?

Most coastal-town residents are aware of the hassles beach environments can bring into a home. If you don’t keep up on keeping the sand out, you may begin making jokes about it being a condiment. You will soon be eating, drinking, and sleeping with the gritty monster as its presence permeates your entire existence.

Mudrooms offer a place to remove and store all that sandy footwear and this will help tremendously with a reduction in the amount of sand that enters your home, and therefore, the amount of deep carpet cleaning you will have to undertake.

3. Swampy Gear?

For the landlubbers, sand may not be much of an issue, but nobody wants those inland swampy smells and moisture mucking up their home. A simple walk to the mailbox during the rainy season can soak your outerwear down to your underwear. Not to mention the high humidity that makes everything seem moist during the summer months.

The installation of tile floors in a mudroom offers children, parents, and visitors with an alternative to the traditional carpeted foyer that constantly needs vacuuming and steam-cleaning. All you need is a mop and bucket to remove the grunge and mud that can be tracked in from outside.

4. Stoked Surfers?

“Totally radical, dude! Those waves were off the chain!.” Many a beachfront parent has heard their children utter these words and quite a few have said it themselves. The difference is, adults soon become aware of the downfalls of having a beach right outside their door and start looking for ways to keep that salty water from entering their homes.

The perfect solution to hosting all these surf-junkies lies in the mudroom. These useful rooms invite your children to rinse off, which is good for both their hygiene and the cleanliness of your home. In addition, a tile floor, shower head, and floor drain make cleaning your mudroom a cinch.

So, if you’re tired of the sandy, muddy, and mucky carpet cleaning so highly-associated with coastal living, a new mudroom might be the right answer for your home.