Before, During and After Carpet Cleaning Procedures For Jacksonville Residents

Woman lying on carpetIf you’ve never hired a professional carpet cleaning service in Jacksonville before, you may be wondering exactly what you can expect from the entire experience. Selecting just the right company is the first, and probably most important, step of the process. Once that is out of the way and you feel good about your decision, you can focus on getting ready for the cleaners to come in and figure out if there is anything specific you’d like to see them accomplish. Every company will have their own cleaning procedure, but there are a few things you should do before and after to ensure you get the most out of your service as possible.

Prepare For Your Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet cleaning company should be able to come in and get right to work without having to wait for you to finish preparing. Your responsibilities will include dusting and then vacuuming to remove any loose surface soil, putting away valuables so the cleaner is free to move around without the worry of breaking something, moving furniture completely out of the way of areas to be cleaned, making sure pets are kept in a proper place away from the equipment and solution and being ready to identify any spots that you want special attention paid to.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

Once your cleaner arrives, it’s likely they will examine your carpet for any damages, pre-treat spots and stains and have a final discussion with you regarding cleaning method, special treatments and any other instructions or questions you may have. The preferred method of carpet cleaning for most homeowners, manufacturers and cleaners is hot water extraction. This process takes about an hour for the average home and uses water heated to a very high temperature combined with a detergent and powerful equipment to remove pollutants that have settled deep down in carpet fibers. Then fibers will be groomed back to their aesthetically pleasing position.

Carpet Cleaning Follow-Up

Though a professional carpet cleaner won’t leave your floors saturated in water, they will still be damp and require air movers to help speed up the drying process. It would also be a good idea for you to open windows and turn on ceiling fans as well. To make sure you don’t counteract the cleaning you just had, keep shoes, socks and furniture off carpets until completely dry and place outdoor mats at all entryways to preserve your freshly cleaned carpets for longer.

You’re sure to be much more satisfied in your living environment and notice a huge improvement in the look and feel of your carpet after your Jacksonville carpet cleaning.