Top 5 Reasons for Carpet Cleaning after Water Damage

carpet cleaning after water damageIf a hurricane floods your home it is essential to have its carpets professionally cleaned as soon as possible. Additional reasons to have a home’s carpets shampooed include when a water pipe breaks or a sewer line overflows. The damage from dirty water can make a building’s carpets filthy, and the moisture tends to seep quickly to the lower layers of the fibers. Within a few hours, you will begin to notice a foul odor as the carpet’s fibers develop mold.

The Invading Water Contains Dangerous Pathogens

The water from a flooding incident tends to contain dangerous pathogens such as bacteria, parasites or viruses that can make you ill. Without efficient carpet cleaning, these pathogens will remain in the carpet’s fibers forever, and the pathogens will continue to multiply. The contaminants will also float in the air, and you will walk on the pathogens, carrying the bacteria and viruses to new locations. If you have children, then you won’t want them playing on a carpet that has contamination from raw sewage.

You Need Industrial-strength Equipment To Clean a Carpet

When a carpet is saturated with water, mold will begin to grow quickly, and it causes unpleasant symptoms such as sinus congestion and chronic coughing. You probably don’t have industrial-strength water extraction machines and shampooers, so removing the invading moisture and contamination is impossible on your own. However, you can call a local company that can arrange an emergency carpet cleaning process.

Make Sure That the Carpets Dry Quickly

The only way to eliminate the problems from water damage in carpets is the application of specialized cleansers that will remove the filthy debris from the deepest layers. In some cases, a technician must lift the soaked carpet to suction the moisture or debris from the carpet’s backing. In addition to shampooing the carpet thoroughly, it is essential to remove as much moisture from the fibers as possible. When the shampooed carpets dry quickly, you won’t need to cope with a foul mildew odor that can emanate from the fibers.

Have Water-soaked Carpets Steam Cleaned

Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to sanitize carpets that have water damage. The steaming equipment used by a professional technician will destroy the insects and pathogens, making a carpet’s fibers safer to walk on. By using the highest quality steam-cleaning equipment, the moisture that is currently inside the carpet’s fibers is heated and sanitized. At the same time, the steam-cleaning equipment will suction the moisture and debris from the carpets.

It Is Essential To Dry the Water-soaked Carpets Quickly

Hot temperatures along with a high humidity level make it is essential to reduce the humidity inside a flooded home. The technicians who sanitize dirty carpets can bring along dehumidification equipment and heavy-duty circulating fans that will help to dry the fibers of the carpets in only a few hours. By drying the carpets as fast as possible, you are able to return to a home in only a few hours.