5 Repairs & Carpet Cleaning Tips for Jacksonville, Florida, Home Sales

Selling a home can take months, and sometimes even years, to accomplish. The higher the supply of homes on the market, the lower your chances of attracting buyers and completing a sale.

In these moments of low demand, it’s imperative that your home is more attractive to the buyers who are out there shopping. Luckily, just a few easy tricks will separate your home from the pack and increase your chances of selling it faster than the other guy.
woman relaxing ready to sell after carpet cleaning

1. Curb Appeal Attracts Buyers

The first thing a prospective buyer will see when visiting your home will be its facade and the front yard. Peeling paint, broken windows, and dead grass, will more likely drive these home shoppers away instead of into your home for a closer look. On the other hand, some newly planted flowers, well-maintained lawns, and light touch ups, will more easily attract these buyers.

2. Modern Fixtures Catch the Eye

For many prospective buyers, one of the most appealing features of a house is the health and beauty of its fixtures. From lighting to kitchen and bathroom faucets, upgrading the fixtures gives buyers the impression of a newer and well taken care of property. Those buyers will be drawn in by the modern styling that these new pieces create.

3. Restored Flooring Earns Foot Traffic

It’s not enough to get a prospective home buyer out of the car and into your home. Once inside, their need for a clean canvas continues. If your carpeting and rugs are dirty, frayed, and torn, they will likely turn around and walk back out again. By hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, your buyers will be pleased to find flooring they can live with and will be more likely to make you an offer.

4. Cleanliness Leads to Attractiveness

Just as true inside as out, prospective buyers visiting your home will see any chipped paint, cracked tiles, and grimy grout as expensive repairs instead of the home which it could become. To combat this, be sure to clean the interior of your home thoroughly and replace any broken bits that could cause buyers to step back. For this reason, experts also encourage sellers to declutter by removing personal items such as photos and religious items.

5. Repairs Reduce Roadblocks

The obvious need for repairs around the home such as leaky faucets, damaged carpeting, broken fixtures will likely drive buyers away. Even if you receive an offer on your home, any code violations discovered during inspection may cause the party to either reduce their offer, request a rebate, or even withdraw the offer altogether. These hiccups in the sale can easily be avoided by making these repairs prior to placing your home on the market.

Don’t let a rundown property affect the sale of your home. With a little ingenuity, professional help, and some cold hard cash, your home is sure to sell faster than the guy next door that doesn’t put in the same kind of effort. Besides that, many of the upgrades can actually raise the value of your home.