Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Resources in Jacksonville, FL

Carpet Cleaning JacksonvilleCarpets are a source of appeal, comfort and insulation for many homes and businesses – as long as they are well-maintained and properly cleaned. Professional carpet cleanings add to the longevity of your investment and enhance the air quality of the environment you live and work in. Below are a list of local and online resources to help you with all of your carpet buying and care needs in Jacksonville, Florida.

Air Duct Cleaners

Atlantic Environmental
A family-owned business serving residential and commercial properties in Jacksonville, Fl. Provides expert air duct cleaning and purification services in an effort to improve the air you breathe in day after day.

DUCTZ Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning
Professional air duct cleaning services in Jacksonville, Fl that help to keep your indoor air pollution to a minimum and prevent your carpets from collecting large amounts of contaminants.

Carpet Buying Guide
Helpful hints for consumers looking to buy carpet. Explains the structural properties of various types of carpet fibers and the wear and tear that you can expect from each, will help you to make an informed decision on what is best for your household. Also gives insight into individual maintenance requirements.

Common Carpet Terms
There is a lot of information that consumers should be aware of when it comes to buying, installing and maintaining carpets. This list of common terms can help make each of these steps a little easier to accomplish and assist you in communicating with carpet retailers and carpet cleaning professionals.

Carpet Retailers

Mercury Carpet & Flooring
Knowledgeable carpet retailer offering assistance in the selection of your new flooring. Installation procedure supplied by skilled technicians, also offering services that include in-home measurement, the convenience of shopping from home and financing options.

Dalton Direct Carpet
A great source for a variety of well-known carpet brands. Expert installation process that may include existing floor removal and on-site measurement if needed. Financing and useful expert tips also available.

Stain Removal Guide
American Cleaning Institute website providing handy information for efficient DIY stain removal. Thorough listing of common carpet stains and instructions on the proper treatment method for each.

Walk-Off Floor Mats
Large collection of affordable indoor and outdoor walk-off mats for homes and businesses to promote a cleaner, healthier environment by leaving most of the dirt and grime that shoes collect on the mats and off the carpets.