Rugs: Why You Need Them

Living Room with Decorative Area RugRugs have long been a favorite for covering floors. They’re used to bring ambience and style to rooms by decorators and interior designers everywhere. Rugs can bring definition to a scattered room, add warmth to an austere space, cover floor blemishes, or bring an exotic look to an otherwise ordinary room. Since tile and hardwood floors are in vogue, rugs are also in vogue.

They cover homely floors.

Does your floor have a tile that’s broken, a square of linoleum that’s peeling, or a section of plush white carpet with an unsightly stain? Is the hardwood floor looking worn? A well-placed rug can cover these problems or at least make them less noticeable. Because everyone will be looking at that fabulous rug.

They come in all shapes and sizes.

Do you have an odd-shaped area or a collection of mismatched furniture that needs some cohesion? Well, there’s probably a rug that will fit the occasion. Rugs come in all kinds of sizes and shapes—postage stamps, runners, rectangles, squares, circles, and more. Sometimes, animal skins are turned into rugs. Really, a rug can be any shape. Nowadays, you can even get custom-designed rugs made from your own drawings or artwork.

They turn a room into something different.

Rugs have a way of adding flavor to a room. Perhaps your living room somehow ended up with everything in beige—walls, curtains, carpet, and couch. Placing a colorful rug in just the right spot can liven up the room in no time. Perhaps you’d like to bring some exotic flavor from another country into your home. Rugs are an easy—and budget-friendly—way to do that. With rugs, it’s also easy to change up your decor.

They protect your floor.

High-traffic areas wear out sooner than other sections of your floor. You can protect these areas from wear if you use rugs. Entryways, sink areas, mudrooms, and hallways are all places that need to handle extra traffic. For these areas, it’s best to choose rug colors that camouflage dirt.

They cut down on noise.

Perhaps you enthusiastically put a gorgeous hardwood floor throughout your entire house, but realized later that all the sounds in your house are amplified. Here’s where a quick investment in a few large rugs can solve the problem. Not only will rugs dampen sounds, but they will also create a softer, warmer place for your feet to land.

Once you’ve got that lovely rug placed in its spot, fulfilling its intended purpose, it’s important to keep it in tip-top shape. Many rugs require special cleaning techniques. You may need to get a rug cleaning professional to help you out.