Carpet Cleaning in Nocatee

clean-carpetsThough it might not be visible to the naked eye, it’s very possible that your carpet could be suffering from the damaging effects of soil, dust mites and especially heavy foot traffic. While it’s normal for carpets to experience everyday wear and tear, they can rapidly deteriorate if left for too long without proper maintenance. Because of this, A&C Carpet Cleaning recommends scheduling an annual appointment with our certified technicians for a professional carpet cleaning that will preserve your carpet as well as revive the appearance of your Nocatee home and improve the quality of indoor air your household is exposed to.

nocatee-floridaThe abrasive nature of dirt makes carpet fibers susceptible to getting cut just as if a knife were being used on them. Even if it isn’t leaving evidence of stains, dirt isn’t as harmless as it seems if it’s tracked in from outside and left to sit long enough to be continually walked over and ground in deep. Frequent vacuuming is necessary but not sufficient enough to effectively remove all of the contaminants that have built up in your carpet. The only way to do this is with regular carpet cleanings.

A&C Carpet Cleaning uses the powerful truck mounted hot water extraction method to ensure that your carpet gets as clean as possible the first time, not only getting rid of dirt, but also making your home a healthier and more appealing place for you and your guests.

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