Should You Invest in Professional Rug Cleaning?

Most area rugs are purchased for the purposes of protecting a home’s existing flooring while also accentuating the look of a particular room. Some homeowners go out of their way to find expensive area rugs, but others simply find the one that matches the style regardless of cost.
happy girl and dog play after rug cleaning
No matter your reasons for buying a particular area rug, there are some very good reasons to have it professionally cleaned instead of trying to do it yourself or replacing it with a new one. If in doubt, the following list of questions may help you make that decision.

Are you emotionally attached to the rug?

If your area rug holds any sentimental value, as in the case of family heirlooms or dream-realizing purchases, then it’s probably pretty important to you that it remains in the best condition possible. Professional rug cleaning technicians are trained, experienced, and well-prepared to revitalize the look of your area rug while also protecting it from the potentially damaging effects of improper care procedures.

Would cleaning and repair be cheaper than replacement?

Yes, it is true that many inexpensive area rugs are available on the market these days. However, if you invested in a more luxurious piece or it has been handed down to you from a family member, its worth may actually exceed the costs associated with professional area rug cleaning. Consulting a professional will allow you to have a clear idea of how much it would cost to repair and clean your rugs before you choose to replace them.

What do the rug’s care instructions suggest?

Newer area rugs will come with care instructions for the cleaning practices best suited to prolonging their lives. On the other hand, antiques and family heirlooms may have never had these directions or they could have been lost over the years. Either way, a professional cleaning service will thoroughly inspect your rug to determine the best methods for its cleaning and repair.

Does the rug have fire or water damage?

Both fire and water will wreak havoc on area rugs especially if they are left sitting in these damaging states for too long. Not only can water weaken the foundations of rugs and cause rot to occur, dangerous mold and bacteria may also thrive with the potential of causing physical harm to your loved ones and pets. Likewise, soot from fires can become ground into the fibers and lead to breakage over time.

Would you like to preserve the rug in question?

While it may seem easy enough to read care instructions and carry out rug cleaning on your own, these do-it-yourself methods are lacking in the longtime protection offered by service companies. Moths are extremely attracted to rug fibers and the damage they cause is often invisible until it has become extensive. Professional rug cleaning services offer non-toxic fiber protectors and odorless moth repellent for just these purposes.

The last thing you should do is just toss that soiled or damaged area rug in the trash. Instead, examine your personal feelings and weigh the costs before making a final decision about a particular rug’s fate. In the end, you will delight in the fact that you’ve done what is best for you, your family, and the area rug in question.