Are you Ready for the Holidays?

HolidaysIt’s getting to be that time again. Holidays are coming up quickly. I don’t know where this past year has gone, but it has certainly flown by quickly. It seems that the older we get the quicker the years go by, and time just runs together. I remember as a kid, it took FOREVER for Santa to come again, now it seems like only a month ago I woke up to the Christmas Tree over flowing with presents. (I have 4 boys; so there were quite a few.)

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Carpet Care & Your Families Health

Carpet Care JacksonvilleThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says… “Until such a time as the carpet fibers are cleaned, the potential for human exposure and health risk remains high.” “Every time carpets and fabrics are emptied of their pollution build-up through professional cleaning methods, there is a health benefit.”

Imagine a carpeted floor and a hard surface floor in your home, office or work area. Let’s say that you vacuum the carpet daily and sweep the floor daily. Six months later, what would your hard floor look like? Remember, you have only swept the floor, not mopped. You would have a grungy looking hard floor, but the carpet would still look good. The reason for this is that carpet does not magically repel dirt…it hides it! Same dirt on both floors, you just can’t see it on the carpet…yet.

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Carpet Cleaning Coupons for $6.95 – Deal or Scam?

BBB Accredited Since 2006You’re ready to have your wall-to-wall carpeting professionally cleaned and want to get the best job for the best price, right? You may have received a coupon in a Val Pak or via direct mail, advertising $6.95 per room! What a great deal, huh? How can they afford to charge such a low price?

As a reputable business owner who has been serving this area for over 2 decades, I can tell you with all certainty, THEY CAN’T! The gas, alone, to get to your home would make this a losing proposition for the ‘company’. Then there are cleaning agents, set up and tear down time, and the actual job labor. A firm charging $6 or $9 a room would soon go broke. So, how or why are they charging this price? The answer is simple – Bait & Switch! Here is a typical scenario:

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