The Timeless Beauty of Wood Floors

Exotic decor featuring Mirage Breza Bali Coco hardwood flooringHardwood floors are a timeless classic. In colonial America, wood plank flooring became the norm. Until 1945, wood was readily available and ruled the flooring choices of the average homeowner—and it was only occasionally contested by linoleum and tile. After World War II, carpet became cheap because of the introduction of synthetic fibers and took over for several decades. But in the 1990s, wood flooring made a comeback and has grown in popularity ever since. Now, homeowners frequently remove carpeting to restore the wood floors in older homes or install solid hardwood floors in a new home.

Decorate in Any Style

Hardwood floors adapt well to all types of decorating styles. They are obviously well-suited to antique, rustic, or country decor, but they are not limited to that. They can create a beautiful backdrop for sleek stainless steel appliances, contemporary fixtures, and squarish furniture pieces. You can decorate your home in art deco, Victorian, traditional, industrial, Bohemian, Mediterranean, or really any style in the book—your wood floor can handle it. It’s all about the furniture, window treatments, and accessories you choose.

Add Touches

Hardwood floors are easily dressed up. Because they’re a neutral color, they look stunning when accented with beautiful rugs. Not only can a well-placed rug transform a room, but it can also provide a warmer reception for your feet in front of the couch or beside the bed. Start with the rug, then build the rest of your decor from that.

Also, because wood is a harder surface, consider adding touches of softness in the window dressings, couch throws, and the like. Create contrast by putting white cabinets with dark wood floors or bright-colored furniture with a medium-hued wood floor. At the same time, don’t worry about making sure that all the wood tones in a room match. You can use tans, browns, beiges, and various woods in the same room and get away with it.

Enjoy an Easy Cleaning Routine

Hardwood floors have a massively long lifespan, but that’s not all—they’re really easy to keep clean. Most of the time, they only require a quick sweep or vacuum and an occasional light mopping. As for the area rugs you use to accent the floors, an occasional rug cleaning by a professional will keep them, and your living area, in beautiful condition.

Carpet Some Rooms

Hardwood floors are beautiful, but you may not want to have them in every room of the house. Consider carpeting for bedrooms, entertainment rooms, and upper level rooms. Really, any room that needs some noise insulation or more cozy warmth is a good candidate for carpeting. Create a little variety in your home by putting (or restoring) the hardwood floors in the foyer, kitchen, dining room, and perhaps even the living room, and carpet the rest.

Hardwood floors have come full circle. From their rugged and humble beginnings in colonial America to their finished and polished regalness of today, wood floors are likely here to stay. Every home and every decorating style can benefit from the beauty that wood brings.