Carpet Cleaning, Painting and Other Tips For Jacksonville Residents Looking to Spruce Up Their Rentals

Exciting-Red-Painted-Bedroom-ModernJust because a rental property may not be a permanent place to live doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel like home as much as possible. Many people end up staying in their rental for years, and it should reflect as much of their personality and style as if they owned the place. Your residence should be peaceful and comforting, and there are many ways to customize an apartment, condo, home, etc. to bring you the happiness you deserve, whether your name is on the title or not. For those looking to spruce up their Jacksonville living quarters, a few tasks like painting, getting a good carpet cleaning and organizing are sure to do the trick.

Paint the Walls

People often assume that because they are renting they can’t alter the place in any way. The truth is, many landlords allow walls to be painted as long as they’re painted back when the tenant moves out. This may not be worth the effort if you only plan to stay for a year, but if this could be a long-term residence, painting the walls can change the whole appearance of a room for the better. Staring at white walls day in and day out may drive you crazy, so go out and pick a color that speaks to your taste and decor and will instantly brighten your mood at the end of a long day.

Trim the Windows

Most rentals these days come with cheap, plastic blinds that aren’t exactly stylish. Consider carefully removing and hiding them until it’s time for you to move on to somewhere new. Installing bamboo blinds, screen-printed panels or floor-length curtains can liven up a room and accent the rest of your decor nicely.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned

Wall-to-wall carpet can easily become the focal point of a room because of how much space it takes up. That means you want it to appear as spotless as possible at all times. A lot of renters don’t think to schedule a professional carpet cleaning since they didn’t originally invest their own money in the carpet purchase, but this is actually a great way to freshen and revive your living environment.

Add Plants

There can be great value in adding plants to your interior design plans. One of the most beneficial things about them is their ability to help improve indoor air quality. The roots and leaves of houseplants will absorb common indoor pollutants and eliminate them from the air you’re breathing in every day. Plus, plants are a simple way to complement any other kind of furnishings you have.

Organize and Utilize Storage Areas

If you’re renting an apartment or smaller condo, you may have the same complaint as numerous other renters – that there isn’t enough space for all your belongings. Being surrounded by clutter can make you constantly feel like you can’t breathe, and you won’t be too happy with your surroundings. Dealing with tighter space just means learning how to be better organized and creating a space that works for you.

Making a rental feel like home doesn’t have to be a challenge. Painting, decorating and hiring the services of a Jacksonville carpet cleaning company can make a world of difference.