The Top 3 Safety Tips for Tile and Grout Cleaning

Two caucasian male hands cleaning kitchen grout of an old, dirty tile floor with environmentally friendly hydrogen peroxide baking soda and a scrub brushIt can be difficult to keep a house clean. The lack of time for working adults in addition to the presence of children, dogs, or inconsiderate roommates can make the job even harder. At times, kitchen and bathroom cleaning can feel like a losing battle because of the constant moisture buildup on the sinks and fixtures. However, tile and grout cleaning can be done safely and effectively with just a little education.

Do your homework.

The first thing to consider when encountering the need for tile and grout cleaning is the problem itself. Is the bathroom simply covered in soap buildup, a light pink stain, or is it a more serious issue such as mold? The next thing to consider is the environment. Homeowners may need to use harsher cleaning agents in the bathroom, but no one would want to use those products in the kitchen where food is prepared. Finally, the extent of the damage needs to be considered. Chipped grout, broken tile, and bulging walls may be a sign of serious structural damage that may require the help of a professional cleaning service.

Read the label and believe it.

The most important thing to remember when using chemical products of any kind is to read the label thoroughly. Not only that, following the directions for use and safety precautions can protect the health of everyone while also saving time. In 2016, the EPA introduced the new Safer Choice label to make it easier for consumers to find more than 2,000 products that have been carefully evaluated for safety. It is also recommended that many products are not used near children, nor in the presence of pets and their dishes. It is also a good idea to keep the number for poison control nearby at all times. Finally, cleaning products should always be stored safely, locked up, and in their original containers.

Let professionals do the job.

There may be hidden problems lurking behind walls and beneath fixtures. Anytime that a homeowner is in doubt, or has questions, they should consult a professional tile and grout cleaning service. Many mold spores can be hazardous to health if inhaled and extensive structural damage may require professional removal and replacement. Professional cleaning service employees have specific equipment and training in the removal of molds and the use of potentially harmful cleaning products.

Not everyone has the time to keep constant vigil when it comes to keeping their home clean, but when things get out of control, keeping families safe should also be a priority. Luckily, the above tips can help protect families and pets while they work to keep their homes clean.