Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning: Myths Exposed

Carpet Cleaning JacksonvilleThrough the years, several popular myths regarding carpet cleaning keep recurring, and although they sound logical and correct, they aren’t. This advice can actually be very bad for your carpets. We’ll take a peek at the most commonly heard myths and help you debunk them.

Myth: Your Carpet Will Get Dirtier Faster After Cleaning

This one seems to make sense because people, who have cleaned their carpets with a DIY machine purchased at the department store, notice that their carpets do seem to get dirtier after a short time following the cleaning. As we shall see, this is only a partial truth.

This situation is a result of using carpet cleaning solutions and consumer steam cleaning machines that leave detergent residue behind in the carpets, which soils the carpet faster.

Professional carpet cleaning companies, such as A&C Carpet Cleaning in Jacksonville, use certified cleaning solutions and strong liquid vacuum machines that leave carpets sparkling clean with virtually no residue left behind to insure lasting results.

Myth: Any Carpet Cleaning Product Can Be Used

This myth is connected to the previous one, which means all carpet cleaning solutions or powders are not created equally.

Cheap carpet cleaning products or general cleaners may actually hurt your carpets or discolor them. At best, you will lose money on products that don’t work, and at worse, your carpets may become damaged.

Make sure to find out what your carpet manufacturer recommendations are for carpet cleaning products. Using the wrong ones will void your warranty.

Myth: Carpets Don’t Need Cleaning Because They Don’t Look Dirty

Carpets may not appear dirty on the surface, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t. A clean-looking car looks clean until you swipe your finger across its surface. And this is similar to clean-looking carpets.

Because carpets are made with literally hundreds of thousands of little fibers, these are perfect hiding places for all sorts of tiny particles, pollen, smoke from cooking, human and pet hair, and microscopic dirt.

The only way to address these pollutants in your carpets is through a thorough professional carpet cleaning session—about once a year to 18 months.

Other Benefits

Although having your carpet cleaned has rewards regarding a healthier indoor environment, it also gives a great boost to how you feel about your home.

Carpet owners often comment that they feel much better, emotionally, about their homes with a carpet that has been immaculately cleaned. Call your Jacksonville professional carpet cleaning company today to arrange for a consultation.