Trendy Tile Needs Effective Grout Cleaning

Young woman pouring vegetables on a panFor decades, the function of home tiling has outweighed its form. Traditional ceramic tiles were plain looking and laid out in very linear patterns. Homeowners seemed more concerned with ease of cleaning and protecting their tile from damage than they were with the actual overall appearance. However, recent years have seen the return of beautiful tile designs in bathrooms and kitchens. Recent developments in materials, digital printing, and available shapes, have made fun and interesting tile designs accessible to the average homeowner. The following is an overview of the tile trends taking hold in 2017.


A quick search for bathroom tile on Pinterest reveals ornately designed tile patterns. Mass production in the 20th century made sophisticated printed tile more accessible to homeowners. The use of pebbling, digital printing, and diamond etching now results in geometric designs, often resembling mosaic art. Many homeowners are opting for tile placements that result in floral, diamond, and herringbone patterns. Contractors are seeing a rise in requests for different tile shapes including circles, hexagons, and octagons for floors. There is also evidence that the use of ceramic “subway” tiles on bathroom walls is another huge trend for 2017.


Homeowners are still interested in a clean finish to their bathroom and kitchen tile treatments. They are still concerned with protecting their tile, especially when it comes to grout cleaning. Abrasive cleansers can damage tiles made of glass, wood, ceramic. Kitchen backsplashes are being offered in shinier, but smaller, tile configurations, sometimes using metal or natural stone materials. This apparent need for clean-looking tile is prominent in the current color choices such as solid blacks, whites, silvers and greys.

By-gone are the days of boring kitchen and bathroom walls and floors. Linoleum was invented to make installation, cleaning and maintenance easier for homeowners, while also being more affordable than most ceramic and porcelain tile. However, that flooring option soon revealed itself to be more trouble than it was worth. New materials, design techniques and layouts mean homeowners must no longer choose between beauty and function in the tile they install. Trendy tile is made to be easily cleaned and protected while also being aesthetically pleasing to residents and their guests. A good contractor will help you find the tile that meets your standards for beauty while also making sure it is easily maintained and within your budget.

Have you recently seen any tile colors, materials, or layouts that appealed to you?