These 10 Variables Will Affect the Cost of Your Tile and Grout Cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida

American homes can become dusty and grimy in an instant, especially if children and pets are present. Still, most homeowners rarely have their flooring professionally cleaned. Instead of breaking a sweat over stained grout around the tiles, it’s recommended that the hard surfaces of homes are cleaned every two to five years by a trained technician with access to supplies and equipment that aren’t available to the average homeowner.

When you choose to hire a professional company to clean your tile and grout, there are several factors that will determine the cost of the services.

couple reviews tile and grout cleaning estimate

1. Estimated Time

According to experts, the average time to perform simple tile and grout cleaning is about 30 minutes per room or 300 square feet. Many businesses will consider the cost of materials, and double it, when estimating the labor cost for a job. However, others will charge for the materials and have a set per-hour cost for their services. Be sure to ask your preferred cleaning company how they price their labor costs.

2. Square Footage

The largest factor in pricing tile and grout cleaning services is based on the total square footage. This is true throughout the home including kitchen and bathroom counters, shower stalls, and floors. Each area of tile will be measured by your in-home technician to ensure the company will be appropriately compensated for providing the service without overcharging you.

3. Size of Tiles

Due to the differences in materials and cleaning methods used for tile and grout, the size of your tile will influence the cost of materials while also affecting the time it will take to clean any one area. Large tiles will be surrounded by less grout than their smaller counterparts and, therefore, more of the cleaning will be devoted to that tile. On the other hand, the massive amounts of grout around smaller tiles will require more attention to those spaces.

4. Type of Tile and Grout

Much like the size of the tile used in any given area, the type of tile and grout used is also a determining factor in the price of professional cleaning. Unsealed grout and tiles made from porous materials will be more difficult to clean than others. Knowing ahead of time which types of tile and grout you need to have cleaned will give you a head start in estimating the costs.

5. Soil and Staining

If your tile floors or counters are in need of heavy cleaning after years of wear and tear, staining, and heavy soiling, then you can bet that the cleaning costs are going to be higher than in a better-maintained area. Damaged grout will not only have collected more dirt and grime, it will be more difficult to get it clean.

6. Room Configuration

Aside from the total area of tile you need cleaning, the complexity of its shape will also affect the cost. Alcoves, an abundance of corners, and complicated countertops will require a more precise cleaning than vast open spaces.

7. Repairs

That damaged grout doesn’t need a good cleaning, it needs replacing. Most of the time, severely damage grout and tiles will be easier to replace than trying to get them clean because the cracks will harbor difficult to reach dirt and germs. Just remember that the time it takes to replace those items will add time to the labor costs associated with the job.

8. Upgrades

Perhaps you have decided to have your grout cleaned and the technician informs you that it was never sealed. Maybe you have made a design choice to alter the color of the grout surrounding the tile in your kitchen or bathroom. A tile and grout cleaning company is more than willing to provide an effective grout sealer and even grout dying in order to protect or upgrade your homes tile surfaces.

9. Warranty Options

Not all manufacturer warranties are created equal. Most of the time, the warranties included in the purchase of your tile is limited and problems rarely arise in the short amount of time given in that warranty. Luckily, many cleaning service companies will offer their own upgraded warranty packages, but they do usually have a cost associated with them.

10. Expedited Service

Service companies often have a queue of customers awaiting appointments, especially the top providers. Unfortunately, this means that in the event of a major catastrophe, you may be waiting up to two weeks for a technician to make it out to your home. Some companies offer expedited services for more emergent situations, but this may cost up to twice as much per hour than waiting.

Being prepared for the costs associated with tile and grout cleaning will make the estimation process less stressful. Considering the variables listed above will help you budget and make the right choices when it’s time for you to call your local service company.