Professional Carpet Cleaning In Atlantic Beach: What to Expect

Carpet_CleaningAlmost everyone has seen television commercials about carpet cleaning in Atlantic Beach and other surrounding towns, but what exactly happens when the carpet cleaner arrives at your doorstep? What do these professionals do, how long will the session take, and what can you do to keep your carpets clean after they have left?

Make My Day

After carpets have been professionally cleaned, they miraculously look new again and smell fresh and clean. This is not only good for the carpets, but it helps homeowners keep the value of their house up and also helps give the home’s interior a relatively inexpensive makeover.

Clean carpets not only look nice, they improve the mood of everyone in the home. If you’ve never called a professional carpet cleaning service before, call one up and they’ll make your day.

Extraction for Carpets

Professional carpet cleaning businesses use a tried and true method to clean carpets, whether they are commercial grade or expensive deep pile carpets. This system is called the liquid extraction process, and in some cases is also known as steam cleaning.

Although very little steam is actually generated at all, very hot water and cleaning solutions are used for extraction. This liquid is injected into carpets by special equipment and simultaneously vacuumed back up with dissolved dirt, grime, and oil from the dirty carpet.

The extraction method is the safest way to clean carpets, and while there are consumer products that can be purchased or rented, these units do not have the same vacuum power or hot liquid generators found in professional cleaning vans.

Drying Times

Standard sized rooms, according to industry guidelines, will take about 20 to 30 minutes to fully clean. Each carpet will be evaluated prior to cleaning in order to determine any special conditions that may need attention.

After the carpets are sparkling clean, the drying times can vary from two to three hours on hot summer days. If the weather is inclement, or a bit on the humid side, this time lengthens but can be shortened considerably by leaving the indoor heating on to assist the drying.

Thick pile carpets will take the longest to dry, so schedule for this task accordingly.

Taking Care of Business

After a good carpet cleaning, the best advice from the professionals is to make sure you keep up on regular vacuuming to avoid dirt and grime from building back up in the carpets until your next scheduled cleaning in 12 to 18 months.

Call for a free consultation from the experts at A & C for carpet cleaning in Atlantic Beach; you’ll be glad you did.