Why You Should Choose a Tile Floor

Luxury floor tiles made from porcelain tiles and modern wall tilesAs tile floors become more and more popular, homeowners everywhere are installing it in their new or newly renovated homes. If you’re looking at the overwhelming lineup of flooring choices, consider these reasons why tile might just be your best option yet.

It’s Long-Lasting

Ceramic and porcelain tile floors, when installed correctly, will last a lifetime (50 years). In contrast, carpet has a life expectancy of 6 years and vinyl, 10 years. If you’re a long-term homeowner, the higher initial cost of tile will easily cost you less than the more frequent replacement costs of carpet and vinyl. Besides, who likes replacing the flooring every six years?

It Increases Your Home’s Value

Because tile is such high quality, it increases the perceived value of your home. For instance, kitchens and master bathrooms are two of the top-most selling points in a home, according to Trulia. Kitchens and bathrooms are also two of the top remodel projects that bring the most return on investment at resale, with a recovery rate around 100 percent. Buyers love updated kitchens and bathrooms, and that includes gorgeous tile floors.

It’s Versatile

Tile can do many things. Do you love hardwood floors? There’s a vinyl tile option that looks like real wood. Do you need something sturdy and moisture-resistant for your mudroom or laundry room? There’s a tile—durable slate-look porcelain—that provides both features. Do you need a tile that hides dirt? There are lots of variegated tile designs that look stunning while hiding muddy footprints. Would you like to have an artistic design in your floor for the foyer? With tile, you can create a beautiful mosaic on your floor that will greet people as they walk in. The colors, designs, and finishes of your tile floor are subject only to your imagination.

It’s Easy to Keep Clean

Some tiles, such as porcelain, are very stain-resistant, an important consideration if you have children and pets. Most of the time, a simple weekly vacuuming and occasional mopping with mild cleaners will keep your floor looking fantastic. If it does get a little grimy, an appointment with a professional tile and grout cleaning service can get it looking like new again.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Tile floors are a rating factor in determining the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification assigned to homes and other buildings. Tile is considered green-friendly, due to its long life cycle, zero (or very low) VOC (sickness-causing) contributions to indoor air quality, almost 100-percent recycling practices of tile factories (called closed-loop production), hypoallergenic qualities, and low maintenance features (which eliminate the need for strong chemical cleaners).

Why choose a tile floor? The reasons are both aesthetic and practical and the right tile floor can give you both at the same time. All you need to do is choose from the hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of colors, styles, and patterns available.